Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 7: April 8- Monday

Well I think we are slowly beginning towards the road to victory! :) She ate nearly all of the canned food and then I added the second cup on that we'd pulled out and she finally ate all of that last night too! Whoo Hoo! Then this morning she's eaten about half of her food, so we are moving forward! :)

She was digging at her left ear last night and shaking her head, so Greg just came and got her to get it checked out. I'm told that the agenda for the day is traffic checks this morning and the night walk tonight- which means a LONG day for the two of us, but we'll get through it.
Traffic checks done and out of the way. Went MUCH easier than I thought it would. I was seriously impressed with her as with both Rei and Honey and from what I understand with most dogs, the car coming at them rattles them pretty good. They do several types of traffic checks- where as you begin to cross a street, a car comes at you from the left, turning in front of you as you start to cross a street. Then the second one is as you are in the middle of the street, coming quickly at you and slamming on their brakes right in front of the dog. Lastly, they do one more as you walk down the street and turn the car off and let it roll down a driveway backwards in front of you. In all situations, the dogs job is to refuse to go forward and do it’s best to move the handler away from the vehicle.
I guess it was because I think I trust in her so much already and it didn't even rattle her as it did with both Honey and Rei, especially with the check with them slamming on their brakes right in front of us, both dogs were obviously rattled, but were able to stay composed to get us to the curb and quickly regained their composure. I was seriously impressed with Favor, as she kept right on working, staring down the car and picking her way carefully on how to get around the vehicle and quickly found the up curb, stopping and looking up at me like, “what’s next????” and we went on our way to the next check.

Then we went back to the horseshoe for another walk before our night walk there tonight. Not sure what was up, she did great all the way around until we got to the big bush and kept trying to take me through it. We re-worked it a couple of times and then she took me around. If you see pine needles in my hair tonight after the night walk, you'll know we tangled with the bush and lost. LOL! :) I'm guessing she'll be fine tonight though; she is a super smart cookie and doesn't normally make a mistake more than once!
We are chilling until lunch and I guess they are going to video our walks in Smithtown this afternoon for the Celebration Sunday video. It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in the 60's already. :) Loving being out and about!
Lunch was awesome, just now I'm getting sleepy as we wait for the next round. ;)
After lunch, we went outside and groomed the dogs with the new tools we'd bought from Petsmart and then got to see Miss S again!    I asked Greg if we could sit the the two of them together and then we took pictures of the sisters together!

Two head shots of Miss S.


Miss S and Favor say Hello to each other as Greg holds Favor and sits them together

Favor nudges her sister in the ear as if she's telling her a secret! :)

Both girls sitting up pretty and at attention side by side, Miss S on the left and Favor on the right facng the camera.

We went to dinner and knowing what was coming up, tried hard to remain calm.   It was time, as the three of us loaded up in the van with Greg and headed back to the horseshoe.   We unloaded and Greg put reflector vests on all three of us and put blinker lights on the dogs harnesses too.   The two went one way and Favor & I took off the other direction around the horseshoe.  We made our way around the large circular block and there were multiple vehicles over the sidewalk and trash day was the next day too so lots of cans out.   Favor really did a great job- took me around the bush, slowly over the break in the sidewalk, and around the 2 vehicles completely over the sidewalk and between the trash and vehicles in another spot. I didn't have any pine needles in my hair tonight! :)

After we all made it completely around the block, we loaded up in the van and headed back to the Foundation for a last break and called it a night.   I know I was ready for bed after this long day!