Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 6: April 7- Sunday

Mostly another good morning this morning! :) The downside is she refused to eat again this morning.
:( I’m feeling frustrated and feel like I can see she’s losing weight from not eating too, which is bugging me even more.
The three of us working with Greg wanted to work at Walmart so we went to and Greg turned Favor and I lose for about 45 minutes. She did really well as we had a good handful of shopping cart/inattentive people traffic checks, had to work our way around racks and poles, and even went down the dog food aisle and grocery aisles. :) I think we ran into this one lady who totally was oblivious to things around her like four times!  Favor took it all in stride.
After we finished there, we then went to one of the neighborhoods behind GDF and took a long 1/2 mile straight walk and she did great there too. Around a huge pile of brush and a vehicle parked over the sidewalk. She's done well enough I think I'm going to be pretty comfortable with the Night walk we'll be having tomorrow night, but that will definitely be the true test of how we are doing, when I can see absolutely nothing. LOL!
Well we just grabbed another can of canned food and she has eaten again, so hoping she turns around on this soon. It’s frustrating for her not to eat!
Lunch time...    Went to a really good place for lunch with these guys, all from the GDF Talk list! :)  It was a fun afternoon today, as I went out to lunch with Bernie, Marilyn, and Poodle Marie at a local restaurant and then we all came back and they got to meet Favor.

Left to right- Marie, Bernie, and Marilyn.
They all soon took off and I came back to the room and she had eaten more of her food, so I picked up what was left and held it back for the "dinner" feeding and she was wanting to play so badly. I played with her some and then it was time to go out for afternoon break. Not long after that is dinner so we went to the dining room and she plopped down and snoozed as we all yakked and ate our dinner.
I headed back to the room and she grabbed her Kong again and wanted to play some more. She would put her front pawas on the bed with the toy, but kept her back feet on the floor, as if to say- "You can't yell at me- I'm on the floor!"   Little stinker! :)

Here she is, looking at me- relaxing and leaning on the bed, but both hind feet flat on the floor with her toy between her front paws.

So I cheated and took her down to the grooming room and let her go and we played there for a while with the couple of kong toys I'd gotten her. She bounded around the room, tail just a wagging and happy to chase the toys she was tossing around. We did this for about 30 minutes until she was happily panting and tongue lolling out of her mouth.
We went back upstairs and it wasn't long that she started whimpering and running to the door and back to me, so I took her out and sure enough she had to go potty. We came back in and I heard her crunching some more food, so that should mean she has just about ate about all of it tonight- just in stages. She then crashed out on her bed and has been zonked out ever since. :)