Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodness, I think I've hit that wall of exhaustion....

It has been an amazing but extremely busy, crazy, frustrating, and wipe out few weeks.

We've accomplished the following things since March 11th:

Built a guitar
Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea for Mike- resulting in a CPAP machine
Testified to the House of Representatives Committee hearing
Played basketball
Great Banquet Weekends- mens & womens
two birthday parties
St. Patricks Day party
Bible Study Groups
Small group connection event
Testified to the Indiana Senate committee hearing
Played outside in 70 degree weather (yes it's IN so it was in the 30's yesterday)
Went to the children's museum
Katie's basketball end of season ceremony
Ate breakfast with Katie at school
Volunteered a half day in Katie's classroom
Soccer season started for Katie & Alex- practices on Wednesday & Thursdays
Re-doing alex's bedroom
sort of spring cleaning the house- put away humidifiers, pull out the lawn furniture, pick things up, etc
swapping out winter/summer clothes
Spring break- Katie is in Washington DC this week with Grandma and Grandpa!
Had a bad day- took out a little kid at church (unintentionally of course!)
Working on arrangements and planning for the InDBA April meeting and summer DB workshop coming up.
Oh yeah- OT at work for Mike
Meaghan starts gymnastics tonight.

Phew! and some more to go. ;) So I'm here in my fav spot on the couch and curling up with the laptop and trying to update. I apoligize in advance, I'm tired so not going to do descriptions on my pictures as I normally do!

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