Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We have had a busy weekend this past weekend. Katie had basketball that she was supposed to go to, we had the Indy West Great Banquet #11 Men's Weekend, which was just AWESOME. :)

Rei performed some awesomeness of her own as well, as she guided me through the Saturday night services and this was the FIRST time I've been able to do this indpendently and relaxed as well as with confidence! Honey and I went through these when we were on team, however since many of the people there were people that had petted her all weekend, she wanted to go visit, which got me into a little bit of trouble. It turned out all fine, but I was not relaxed as I was uncertain where she was taking me. With Rei, that is one of the things I truly love about her, when the harness is on, she is all business and it doesn't matter who she sees, she's working. :) So I was able to go through this service- in the dark, and enjoy myself for the first time. WHAT A FEELING!!!!

Unfortunately, come Monday morning, Alex woke up running a fever and having a barky cough. So he his home with me yet again today as well. I thought he was pretty well over it, but he's now laying on the floor behind me and not feeling so hot. It's been hard to get much of anything done with him home, as he's been very demanding of attention and is up to full speed when the meds are working for him. So we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Big news in the Disabilities Ministry at church- We've been approved to have the informational booth for the weekend of March 14th and 15th! I'm really excited as there's some new parts to the ministry now out there that hasn't really been announced and there is has been a huge growth in the church, thus I'm hoping we can connect to a lot more people by having the booth for the weekend. Come stop by if you can as I'll be there all day Sunday! :)

Update on the Service Dog Bill coming up next!

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