Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on the family,

Alex's fever broke overnight and while he still had a bit of a cough, he we fine and went back to preschool this morning. Yeah! I was ready for the kid free time again!

Today, I met up with Anne Marie and we went to the Moms to Moms group at church and got to meet up with other moms and discuss things as being Moms. :) Rei was such a good girl and laid quietly at my feet for the meeting, just putting her head up a few times for a reassuring pat.

After the meeting, we went up to the church offices for some business Anne Marie had and got to visit with several of the staff there in the office. Of course they doted on Rei and Anne Marie's youngest daughter- who is just absolutely adorable. :)

We left the church and headed to walmart to enjoy a Subway lunch in the store- I was good and got only a sandwich and was cautious of what I had put on the sandwich. Mike and I have both been trying to work out and be better about what we eat, since we BOTH are seriously trying to lose weight now. More on Mike's situation in a few, but I was good there and then we did our shopping in Wally world. I picked up some easter gifts for the kids and poster boards for the upcoming Disabilities Weekend booth we'll have in a couple of weeks. Anne Marie didn't find everything she was needing, so we went across the way over to the Dollar store and shopped there as well. By this point it was getting close to 3pm, so we figured we'd better get a move on so we would both be home by the time our kiddos got home from school. We headed back to the house and chatted a little bit longer and then she went on home.

Not too much longer, Katie came home, then Mike came home and we waited for Sue to pick up Katie for her monthly night with Grandma and Grandpa. Mike and I took off after that back to the church to go work out in the gym, which was pretty busy and we only had 30 minutes to do so- in order to pick up Meaghan and Alex by 6pm. So I did one circuit on the weights, of which I'm feeling it a little bit now,and will probably really feel it tomorrow. But I'll admit, I felt better after doing it, being loosened up and feeling a little more energy. Mike did the weights too and hoping he didn't overdo it. ;)

We picked up the kids and then went to Sports Clips, where Mike and Alex got haircuts and Meaghan and I walked to the Pet Supply place a few doors down and checked out all the critters that were there- the gerbils, hamsters, mice, geckos, crabs and even a white bunny. :) Rei's nose was going wild with all the intriguing smells, so it was some good practice for her on listening as well.

We then went to Rockstar pizza for dinner and ordered the kids a personal pizza to split and Mike and I each had sub sandwiches. I again tried to go with the healthier item on the menu- not completely there but of what was on the list was the better option, being the Honey teriakyi chicken. And it was delicious! Rei just conked out cold under the table since she'd been in harness pretty much all day and in and out of a van. At least the poor baby got to come home and curl up on the new microfiber blanket I picked up for her on clearance at walmart.

Mike's stuff- He does quite a bit of snoring when he's first going to sleep. Which he snores so loud that as a person with 110-115 decibel hearing loss, I can hear and feel it and it keeps me awake at night. With some repeated complaints and a promise to go to the Dr. after the first of the year, along with Mike being tired of being tired all the time, he went and went for a sleep study and had some bloodwork done to rule out various things. The blood work came back with a few numbers being higher than they like to see, however the dr said that if there was regular exercise, then we should see those numbers drop easily into the desireable ranges- hence the exercising and trying to be good on the diet. The sleep study itself was last week, of which the techs said he didn't really have that many apneic events. So with the appointment we have on Monday, we'll see what the sleep dr has to say.

Whether he winds up on a CPAP machine or something else, I just pray that they come up with something to help him feel rested. Currently he's tired ALL the time, had dark circles under his eyes and most of the time tends to have a short fuse with both myself and the kids. He tries hard, but no one is perfect when they aren't rested. So I just hope that something can be done to improve his rest, so that we can have the happy and rested dad/hubby back again that there once was.

In other news, since the SSDI has come in and with our tax return, we were able to pay off our van! whoo hoo! No car payment! This is such a huge relief for us, as that puts less of a burden upon Mike's shoulders to have to maintain a certain level of pay, should his job disappear in this floundering economy! Prais the Lord for that for sure!

Well it's late and I need to head to bed and get ready for the upcoming Partners in Policymaking session this weekend during the day tomorrow. It is going to be all about assistive technology, so I'm really, really excited to go to this one and hope to network for some resources for our upcoming InDBA Workshop we'll be having later this summer. :)

Night all and hugs and licks from both of us!

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