Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Katie's Baptism & Meaghan & Mike's Birthdays

Ok this is a little late, but better late than never right? Right! :)

Katie had accepted Jesus in her heart within the last year and in the last few months, she had been asking about being baptised. With moving to the Power Time room at church- the big kids Sunday School, they talked quite a bit about being baptised and so forth, so more and more she was asking about being baptised. She finally got to being pretty impatient with us and we checked into it. So Mike took her to the class at church that she needed to take and since she still wanted to be baptised, we set a date and asked her best friend's Dad, Kent, also the Outreach Minister at our church, to baptise her. And then came the cool part, we were able to set it up that she was baptised on Valentine's day and she was thrilled with that in showing her love and acceptance of God by being baptised on this day. :)

Here is the video of her being baptised:

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Prior to going to the church for the baptism, we had Dad's side of the family over for Mike and Meaghan's birthdays.

Meaghan sitting at the island decorated with birthday stuff, snacks and such, blowing out the candles on a white iced cake. Mike is standing behind her overlooking her trying to blow out the candles.

Meaghan and Mike both did well with clothes, a drill, and giftcards. :)

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