Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Pictures from today

Ok, the spoiled puppy:

Alex thought she needed covered up. so Rei is laying on her blanket with his fleece Thomas the Tank Engine blanket over her back end as if she's in a bed with covers.

Then during a good period today when the meds were working full force, here is Alex playing dress up. Yep, these will be blackmail pictures to show to his girlfriends when he starts dating! But what can we expect, he has 2 older sisters! LOL!

Alex standing with a grin on his face, a Disney princess Ariel crown on his head, and snow white princess dress on. but mind you, he's wearing his spiderman PJ's underneath. LOL!

Here he went and dug out the red gloves, the apple purse and the snow white barbie doll to complete the outfit. LOL!

Then unfortunately he came down hard as the meds wore off and he started feeling really bad again. He laid down on the floor with his Thomas Blanket and Rei cuddled up to him knowing he wasn't feeling well.

Alex and Rei curled up together.

A close up of Rei and Alex at floor level. Rei with solemn eyes and Alex looking at the camera.

I gave him some more Tylenol and he is now back to running around and bouncing off the walls again. We'll see if the fever breaks and he gets to go to school tomorrow or not.

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