Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Day- Christmas at Grandmother's House

After a fun morning with the Gerbils, we all cleaned up and went to Great Grandmother's house for the afternoon/evening to spend time with the family.

Here are the kids ready to open presents:

KT in book heaven with the Wimpy Kid Diaries, which she FLEW through the first two and is working on the third one now- reading them by the end of January and LOVED them. :)

More games to play!

MD opening her baby doll from Great Grandmother:

KT and AC in the floor putting together the toy airplane that AC got:

Uncle M & Aunt N reading the autographed book of KT's published story in the Moving Earth book:

Uncle M with his travel blanket:

Grandpa with some Whoppers:

AC working on his plane:

MD in her dark blue velour dress sitting at Grandma and helping her pick which of her presents to open:

Miss Rei, chillin' on the floor: