Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dec. 8th and 9th- Christmas Caroling and Moving Earth Publication ceremony

On Dec. 8th, the Moms to Moms group at church went carolling at the nursing home that MIL is at and we were able to go with. The kids had fun, though MD was somewhat freaked out by being in the middle of a room with a bunch of older people. Also, since MIL has dementia, the other people that had been in her unit also had some severe dementia, which lead to forgetting social graces. This has been a little hard for the kids to understand, since these people would come up and take a hold of them to give hugs and love on them, when the kids had no idea who they were and so forth. So seeing a couple of the people that had done this a few times, MD was not very receptive to straying too far from being buried behind my back.

Rei on the other hand was a hit with quite a few of the residents there at the nursing home and with several of the kids as well as you can see here:

Rei on her back in harness with two little kids rubbing her back and chest contentedly.

So we sang a good handful of songs and then went through the halls to MIL's hallway and sang several songs there. MIL came out and while she knew that she knew me, she couldn't seem to figure out how she knew me. So we said our goodbyes and MD and I went out with one of the other moms and her three lovely boys for lunch.

On Dec. 9th, we went to the publication ceremony for the collection of kids writing book called Moving Earth. KT had a piece of writing selected that was published in this book. So Grandma and Grandpa carpooled with us to downtown Indy in some pretty nasty weather, but we made it safe and sound and KT received her recognition and her own copy of the book.

The director of the program discussing what the book is.

KT receiving her copy of the book!

GREAT JOB KT!!!! You're a published author now!!! :)