Thursday, January 14, 2010

December things

The girls had a school day off and here is a shot of them being silly on the couch together:

One of the kids took some pictures of some of the Christmas decorations around the house.

Here is the tree and stocking hanging over Rei's bed that is for her:

MD also took a picture of her Christmas count down chain that she made at school. It was made from red and green strips of construction paper glued together by the kids in class.

Each day she'd tear off a chain and could count down the number of links on the chain to figure out how many days were left until Christmas.

Then later in the week, MD tapped into her creative side with some stuff we had about the house:

A close up of her creation:

MD showing her creation to KT:

And then AC being silly:

Right before Christmas, the kids built a Lego tower, going nearly to the ceiling of the playroom, so here's some shots of the kids with this tower, though the pics are a little dark.

MD & AC:

KT & AC:

KT & MD:

Of course they all had a blast watching it being knocked over by AC.