Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookie Baking Day and 12th Anniversary

On December 19th, we had our annual cookie baking day with Grandma and Grandma Roberts.

Every year, we get together and bake multiple kinds of cookies, several batches and then when done, we split them all between us to take home, give to friends, etc for the Holidays. This year, since Hubby and I are doing the marathon and trying to be good about what we eat, we didn't make as many but we were still happy with what we made. :) Also, since discovering AC's intolerance to Dairy, that also kind of changed the types of cookies we looked at making too.

Of course we made the favorite Chocolate chip cookies made with ghiradelli chips:

We also made some buckeye candy, decorated sugar cookies, candy cane cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, and maraschino cherry cookies.

Working on the sugar cookies:

Grandma and MD working at the island and looking over their cookies and decorating them with sprinkles:

Some of the goodies on the counter top:

KT and MD sitting at the island talking to each other about how they are decorating their various shaped sugar cookies:

Miss Rei laying to the side and being good:

From left to right- Grandma, MD, KT, and Grandma Roberts working on sprinkling the sugar cookies:

More goodies in containers on the other counter tops!

The sugar cookies were all done and both girls went in the living room with Grandma and Grandma Roberts and all were reading books together:

Our yummy goodies as they cooled:

And then the aftermath- the dishes and pans to be washed:

Then for Sunday, Dec. 20th was Hubby and my 12th Anniversary. We had received a gift card to our favorite place to eat- Fogo de Chao's from Aunt N & Uncle M for Christmas. We made arrangements for a sitter to watch the kids and went in the week between Christmas and New Years for lunch and YUMMY!!! :)

Though on the 20th, we had bible study that night with our small group and enjoyed a relaxing evening together in fellowship of good friends. :)

During the day though, AC was being silly and here's a picture of him being silly with princess mickey mouse ears (from Disney), a pink boa around his neck, and his long sleeved sports balls jammies on: