Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CPCC Christmas program

Each of the kids took part in the CPCC 2009 Christmas program, so we arrived early to find seats for us and the family.

Here are the kids before the program, standing in front of the decorative trees:

The program started out with the toddlers, which are always so adorable to watch the littlest ones doing their songs and being on the stage:

Up next came the preschoolers up through Kindergarten, which MD and AC, along with Miss J who spent the weekend with us for the Halloween party, were in this group.

MD and Miss J in the back row, Md on the left with the sparkly bow in her hair and Miss J to the right beside her:

Here is a video of one of the songs they did:

Here is another video:

AC in the back row next to the really tall kid with blue and white shirt on. He looks soooo serious in his singing!

Then came the main part of the show, which was the school age program. KT and Miss M, Miss J's older sister were both in this part and they both had speaking pieces. The program was " The first LEON" which is Noel spelled backwards. They all wore shirts with "Noel" and "Leon" spelled on it.

They really did a good job as a whole and KT really enjoyed her parts! :)

The choral group:

KT in the back row, center of the picture, with the glasses and Miss M to the right:

Here is a video of the one of the songs:

The main character of the program, "Leon":

A video of the angels and other characters talking with Leon:

"Angels" at work:

A video of the "Angels" dancing:

Everyone singing in prayers:

The girls doing their song:

Baby Jesus is coming, the Nativity scene:

"Leon" learns of baby Jesus:

A video of another song:

Then after the program, my three kiddos on the stage. MD on the left, KT kneeled down in the middle, and AC on the right.