Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Holidays! - Christmas eve

Christmas eve was spent mostly at home, Mike having to work a half day, the kids and I hanging out here at home and amazingly, all gifts were done and ready to go! LOL!

Here's some shots of my crazy boy and Rei:

Rei laying on her blanket next to the desk, Alex sprawled out in front of her, head laying on her tummy and with a big ornery grin on his face!

Alex on his side, giggling as Rei nuzzles him in the back, tickling him.

Then after Mike got home, we went over to Dad and Sue's for our annual Christmas Eve with Dad, Sue, Margaret, & Dan. The kids were VERY spoiled by all this night! LOTS and LOTS of toys...

The crazy trio:

Alex on the left with a cheesy grin, Katie in the middle on her knees and an elf hat on, and Meaghan on the right and grinning too!

The kids made out well with lots of different things, Dinosaurs, Barbies, remote control robots, clothes, and even mp3 players for the girls, which they LOVE and use all the time at home!

Alex looking at his new magnetic board with magentic letters.

Alex opening a present as Grandpa looks on from behind and Katie and Meaghan look on from the right.

Alex standing up and holding the box of his new construction vehicle set!

Really dark picture of Meaghan excitedly holding up her new kids Disney princesses cd player.

A close up of Sophie the Papillon watching all the action.

Meaghan happily holding up the Hannah Montana guitar.

Meaghan sitting in the middle and Alex and Katie paying close attention to the box she is unwrapping.

Meaghan with a wide open mouth of surprise at the box of dinosaurs she got (she LOVES dinosaurs!)

Meaghan crouching down with a grin on her face, down behind the box of her Roboraptor.

Katie happily showing off her new MP3 player.


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