Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching up with you all!

Ok, as I work through the house today, Im going to try to accomplish updating through the month of December with you all. :)

We'll start with cookie baking day with Sue and her mom Margaret on Dec. 13th. We've done this the last several years and it has gone well as we have each made up our cookie doughs ahead of time and can just pull them out and start rolling balls, working with the girls on doing them.

We made:
buckeye candy/cherry buckeye candy
peanut butter chocolate chip drops
chocolate chip
chewy pecan drops
candy canes
sugar cookies

and I made 22lbs of fudge! yes you read that right. made chocolate, peanut butter, and cherry fudge. :) We had quite the full fridge, thats for sure! :)

Here's some shots from the fun:

Katie tying on an apron, with Sue looking on smiling and Meaghan looking at the camera with a VERY ornery grin on her face, like she's up to something!

Margaret getting the candy cane cookies out of the oven.

All of the yummy buckeye candies.

Katie being a good big sister and helping Meaghan tie on the apron.

Katie and Margaret working together and Sue and Meaghan working together at the island to decorate the sugar cookies with toppings before baking.

A long shot of the kitchen with all of the countertops covered with various cookies and candies. :)

After all was baked and tasted, we all split them up for what each wanted and put them all into containers to enjoy over the holidays! :)

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