Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday & Sunday - Dec. 20th- our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Well, it was our anniversary on Saturday, but since Mike was on call for the weekend, we were able to set up Grandma and Grandpa watching the kids for us to go out to dinner on the 27th, the Saturday after Christmas, instead.

However, this day was quite a productive and busy one, as Mike finished up the sanding/mudding of the closet and I worked on finishing up the last of sewing the stockings.

Rei saw a squirrel out the front picture window and was quite interested:

Rei standing on her hind legs, front paws on the window sill and looking out the picture window.

A close up profile shot of her watching the squirrel scamper across the street.

Then we went to church that night and it was a good sermon. We didnt feel like going, but we enjoyed it once we got there. :)

Sunday, we continued to work on things around the house did our last minute preparations, wrapping of gifts for Christmas. :)

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