Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed through Fri, Dec. 17-19th. The remains of a busy week.

We all had dentist appointments, as in the kids and I. All of us had clean bills of health, no cavities!!! Yay!!!! The dentist did say though that Alex's teeth are very tight and crowded, so to be expecting to be looking at braces as he gets older and when his permanent teeth come in though. :( Hopefully it won't be that bad!

That night, Mike worked on the girls closet some more and demo'd out the separation wall in there. Tore it out and got all the stuff out to start getting it ready for the new organizer unit he'll be building soon to make it much more useable as well as gain the 6 inches of space lost by the partition wall being there. ;)


I started off the morning with an IM meeting with Laura Thomas of the Helen Keller National Center, going over different things for InDBA and some stuff for myself as well. We are working on some meeting things, a collaboration between HKNC and InDBA, and a Deaf Blind workshop coming up in July, hosted by InDBA.

I continued to finish up the stockings that I'd been working on for gifts most of the afternoon. Since it was Alex's turn to go to Grandma and Grandpa's for the evening, Mike went after work up to the Big Boy's Toy Store: Fry's. Where he picked up an internal hard drive, an external hard drive, and a few other things we needed. Katie and Meaghan and I hung out here at home for the evening. :)

Friday evening, Mike continued working on the girls closet, mudding, sanding, letting it dry and so forth. I kept the kids entertained and out of his hair with that.

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