Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on the Counter Surfing War

Mike went to Walmart and was unable to find Cayenne pepper there, however, while she still shows interest in foods that are out in the open, she wasn't nearly as quick to go for them after the two days of her mouth burning.

With both girls home too, I made it a point to make sure the kids put thier plates away immediately and they too realized how important this was. I also became diligent in keeping the sink cleared of dishes for the most part, or at least rinsed off any foods that wouuld entice her to be there. Mike also was on board with tag teaming with me of us making sure one of us watched her closely if there was food being prepared and so forth. We made use of the tie down during meals as well and we are seeing much improvement in her not getting people foods. All throught he holidays, with this diligence and paying attention to where things were, we were able to keep all of the food stealing almost to non-existant. :D So we continue with this regimen and are able to let her be loose when there isn't food items present and watch her super close/tie her down when there are. :)

Rei is also doing much better about listening when I tell her Leave It! or if her nose does start pointing up to the countertop, a sharp NO! and she immediately turns and moves away, so we are making progress and she's learning that it's not acceptable. In the last three weeks we've only had one problem with it, and it was more Mike and my fault, as he had lunch out, I didnt realize it was on the countertops and he went outside to look at something at my request and oh boy, she saw the chance- no one around and free food for taking, so she did it. I heard dishes rattling and did get to her in time to give her a good hard correction in the act, so that was a good thing. But we learned our lesson and since then, all has been good. :)

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