Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monday- Dec. 21: Trip to the Children's museum with the Fillingers. :)

The girls were home with me, Katie being on Christmas break now, so Anne Marie called and asked if we'd want to go to the Children's Museum with the girls. I said sure, so Katie and the girls could have some fun together, so we packed up for an afternoon of fun. :)

We really didn't do a whole lot at the museum, but that is the beauty of having a membership, you know you can come and go and not have to get your money's worth out of it for the day! :) We started out in Dinosphere, which Meaghan was afraid of the thundestorm that they have in the exhibit, so we went to the side since there was starting to happen as we got there.

The girls all looking inside of a cave with dino bones.

Meaghan sitting on the floor with Rei, who is "protecting her from the thunderstorm". :)

After the storm was over, we went over to the Dino Dig, where the kids and "dig for bones".

A good handful of kids, with goggles on, diggning in sand for dinosaur bones.

Meaghan working on the wall that has a bone in it.

The older girls working on another spot on the wall.

All five girls working on the T-Rex skeleton puzzle. :)

Meaghan doing a computer program about dinos.

The older girls doing a different program.

Anne Marie with her younger girls doing another program.

The younger ones and Katie all playing at the dino table.

From the dinosphere, we moved on to the train station. Meaghan absolutely LOVES the train station every time we go there. She doesnt care about the big train engine itself, but she loves to play in the station office itself. :) However, the lighting is very dim in here, so the pictures are all really dark.

Meaghan on the old style phone.

It was so cute to watch them, as the rest of the girls came in, they all began playing together, the older ones making phone calls, the younger ones taking turns selling tickets to each other through the ticket window.

Making phone calls.

Ticket sales.

The girls watching the model trains going around.

After leaving the train station exhibit, we went up to the Winter Wonderland exhibit, where they had "ice fishing", a snow castle play ground, a cookie kitchen, and Santa for the kids to visit. We basically just turned the kids loose as it was one big room with only one way in or out, so Rei and I stationed ourselves to the right of the door and could pretty much see the whole room from there and could alow the kids freedom, but could make sure they or no one took them out. :)

Anne Marie watching over her younger girls ice fishing.

Meaghan in the center of the picture ice fishing.

Meaghan at the scale and about to weigh her "catch" which are stuffed fish. :)

Kids on the snow castle.

Meaghan peeking through a window on the snow castle.

The Fillinger girls with Santa. :)

A picture of Rei laying on the floor in front of me. :)

Rei- one REALLY tired puppy at home that night, since it was VERY crowded through the whole museum and there were lots of people since it was over school break. She did such an awesome job and I didn't have to worry about anything, which really made it nice since the younger girls were being a little wired by the time we left, from going without naps all afternoon. Rei is such a blessing and relief to have and I know I dont have to worry about bumping into anything when she is at my side!

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