Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend- Meet Rei's Puppywalker and family!!!! Friday

Got up and rushed around to leave to meet Libby (Puppy Raising Group leader for GDF & for both Rei and Honey, as well as now the raiser for SAM, the golden retriever that was sponsored in the memory of the Matthew Thomas)
Then Libby called and said she needed to meet later instead of earlier, so we went up the hill to Erin's family's house and met most of the family. Rei remembered everyone and we took some pics of Rei with part of the family and together with Erin and I. :)

Rei and I on Erin's front porch, (Rei standing in harness waiting for the command forward) and waiting to head up to Erin's family's house.

Rei with most of her puppy raising family:

Erin on the left with a big smile and pink shirt, Kacie on the right also with a big smile and a pink shirt, Rei in front of the two of them, tongue lolling out and looking at the camera.

After visiting with the family, we took off bringing Eden with us and drove 1 1/2 hr to Asheville, NC where Erin and her family were living when they had Rei, drove by thier old house, then went to Libby's house.

We visited with Libby for a couple of hours, all of the dogs- Rei (black lab), Eden(goldendoodle), SAM (golden retreiver), Deca- Libby's vizla, Libby's black lab, and Astrid- female yellow lab gdf puppy she was sitting for the weekend, all got to run around the 2 acres fenced in that she had.

Here are some shots of the dogs as they were running about and visiting with each other:

Left to right- Rei and Sam sniffing at the ground- Deca coming up to see what's so interesting and Astrid in the back not wanting to be left behind. LOL!

Astrid taking off, saying "WAIIIIIITTTTTT for MEEEEEEE!!!"

Sam walking down the drive with tongue lolling out and has such a beautiful reddish color to his coat!

Rei with nose down and looking at the ground, checking things out:

SAM & Eden down the hill by the fence. Eden checking out something in the grass, SAM in mid stride coming up from the fence:

Eden sitting in front of Erin, being petted and tongue hanging out:

Erin and Libby talking to each other, Rei in front of Erin and being petted:

We then left Libby's and went back by Erin's neighbor and visited with her for a while, Rei remembered her and her big fenced in yard and wanted to go play. !

After our stop there, we went to walmart to pick up a few things needed for the house and was stopped a LOT asking about Eden and Rei being together. Eden was not fond of Walmart at all, so we made it as quick as we could. We loaded the stuff and the dogs into the car and they quickly curled up together and conked out for a nap.

Rei with her head laying on Eden's rump, snoozing:

We made the drive home and crashed for the evening, letting the dogs play and Erin and I talked all evening as she worked on finishing up the slide show for the graduation ceremony on Saturday.

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