Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MD is invited to the training team after this session! :)

MD has been doing very well with her recreation gymnastics class. Her instructor came up after her last class in May and told us that if she continued to do as she's been doing that she thought MD would be really good on the training team. She said that MD is really strong in core strength and has a lot of natural talent. She just has a few more things to work on and improve through this summer session.

Thus for the fall session, she will be moving to the training team, for 2 hrs once a week instead of the one hour once a week. Then one she moves up another level, I believe they actually start doing some competitions. MD is excited to have more time at gymnastics!

Here are some pictures of her at the last session that I atteneded:

MD in the purple hearts swimsuit, jumping up and down in the middle of the play parachute:

All of the kids inside the parachute, having pulled down quickly the sides and holding them to the floor so the parachute has ballooned up to look like a mushroom:

MD doing some warm ups/stretches on the blue spring floor:

Wrapping up for the evening, MD looking at the camera after she just finishes getting a drink from the water fountain.

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