Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Soccer games! Whoo hoo!

Because we had 2 rain outs for soccer this season, we had one weekend of make ups, putting us into the first weekend of June for the last set of games.

KT's game was the first one, at 9am.

KT looking to the right of the picture, looking downfield with her grey and black uniform, black shorts and grey soccer socks.

Hubby as coach presenting KT her trophy for the season.

The U8 Grey team:

Then AC's game was at 1pm, which hubby is the assistant coach for.

AC in his grey uniform and taking the ball downfield with an orange player hot on his heels:

AC waving at the camera:

AC standing and looking to the right of the picture, waiting for the play to start:

Miss Rei laying down with her head on my foot:

Hubby & Head coach Nick talking to thier U4 team gathered in a huddle around them:

AC receives his season trophy from head coach Nick:

The U4 Grey team:

Then came the fun part- the Human Gerbil Balls. LOL!

AC got in and tried it:

Then Hubby had to try it too, so here's hubby being the kid he is at heart! :)

***Note- you will have to come to the Hear No Evil-See No Evil webpage to view these videos***

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