Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please, Please consider supporting InDBA!

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, I am actively involved in the Indiana Deaf Blind Association as the Vice President and that we are working hard to grow into a strong and resourceful organization.

This summer, the InDBA will be hosting it's first weekend retreat for the Deaf Blind throughout the state of Indiana. One of the challenges of being Deaf Blind is that many become isolated without the means to communicate with those around them.

This retreat will be a weekend of fun, workshops with lots of information, and lessons on how to advocate and empower ourselves for the things we need to be active members of our communities. This weekend will bring Deaf Blind people together to be able to socialize, sharing thier stories and experiences, as well as to learn with the barriers that are normally encountered removed.

With hosting this retreat, InDBA is raising funds to provide transportation, interpreters, bring in key note speakers from organizations such as the American Association for the Deaf Blind, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, InTRAC/Indiana Relay, and several others. We also plan to have some fun activities such as an exotic animal show, which the Deaf Blind will be able to tactilely feel the animals, a dance, and tandem biking on the lovely Monon bike trail. To host this type of event, we are needing to raise several thousand dollars and thus need your support!

We are holding this fundraiser of beautiful Silpada Jewelry, belts, and watches with the gracious help of a good friend of mine, who is donating nearly all of her commission to this cause.

Any purchase that you make, 20% of of the sales will go to InDBA. There is a flat rate shipping price and all items will be shipped directly to the customer from Silpada. Please do not feel pressured to make a purchase, however any purchase made will be sincerely appreciated!

Please take a look at the information below and if you are interested in ordering, please email me at my email listed below and I'll send you the order forms. We hope that you will consider supporting InDBA and have some beautiful new jewelry for you or your loved ones to wear!

God Bless!
Kacie & Rei
Vice President ~ Indiana Deaf Blind Association
IN Partners In Policymaking: Class of 2009

Indiana Deaf Blind Association Silpada Designs Fundraiser

Please support InDBA with your purchase of fine Silpada Designs Jewelry or Gift cards for Birthdays, Holidays, and Graduations!

20% of all sales will go to InDBA!

~ What is Silpada Designs Jewelry ~

Silpada Designs offers a unique and exclusive line of fine sterling silver jewelry, belts and watches. Our jewelry is the highest quality and is not painted or plated, it is not costume jewelry, and it contains no nickel fillers.

Each piece of Silpada jewelry is stunning, unique and handcrafted by artisans all over the world. Each piece varies . . . just like the hands that make our unique jewelry. The quality of Silpada Jewelry is impeccable and the benefits for hosting a fundraiser are extremely generous. These qualities are what our customers have grown to love about Silpada jewelry.

View Catalogs here:

Silpada Designs 2008-2009 Catalog:

Silpada Designs 2008-2009 Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling Additions

Orders will be taken through June 15th, 2009. Must be placed via email or regular mail to:

email to: for the order forms.

If for some reason you would rather not purchase anything and would rather just send a tax deductible donation, please email me at the above email as well and I'll send you the necessary form for that as well. :)

I sincerely thank you all in advance for your help and support!

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