Monday, June 1, 2009

Rain, Rain, & more Rain and Dining out with Milk allergy...

Well, everyone knows the saying- when it Rain's it Pours and that's been true this spring in IN.

We had a group garage sale, where we sold all of our baby gear and several people brought stuff to sell from our bible study group. This week too, since Hubby had taken the week off work to get a few things done and to prepare for the garage sale as well.

On Wednesday of this week, we took Rei to the groomer to have "the works" done on her, nails trimmed, bath, earls cleaned, and all that. That night however, she started favoring her right front paw and by the next day was refusing to put weight on it. We think she must have sprained it somehow, but it took an afternoon stay with the vet so she could be sedated and x-ray'd to ensure that there wasn't anything else going on. With the sprain, she was off duty for a few days on rest, so I went to the soccer fields hanging on to hubby's arm and used the cane for a couple of days, which REALLY stinks after being used to a good dog!

Soccer was WET, WET, WET! KT's field was a mud bog and is emphatically called "The Mud Bog" for it's name and even the 4's had a really wet field that they were putting sand on and trying to minimize the wetness on. Had they not already had to cancel games twice already, I'm guessing they probably would have cancelled this weekend, but since we didnt cancel, it made for some fun pictures and some REALLY muddy kids!

Coach Hubby gathers the team around him, standing in the mud puddle to get thier feet dirty and to stress that during the game it is OK to run through the mud and get dirty!


Fighting for the soccer ball in the mud puddle, water splashing everywhere!

KT sandwiched between two opponents and working the ball through the water.

KT passes the ball back behind her to a teammate and away from the opponent.

KT's second dive into the mud this season, where she has her head up trying to stay out of the water splashing up that can be seen coming up in front of the blue team's player that went down too.

Wet kids walking away from the mud hole. LOL!

The game goes on, KT watching a teammate drive the ball down the field:

A REALLY dirty teammate! :)

More fun splashing in the water to get the soccer ball:

There's a ball here somewhere... two kids, opposing teams, water splashing up above thier heads.

KT diving to grab the ball and protect it as goalie:

KT throwing the ball back into the field of play and away from the goal:

The two very wet, very muddy, and very tired teams pass each other tapping hands and saying good game!

We headed to the van and KT stripped out of her wet soccer shoes & socks and we put a towel over the booster seat for her to sit on for the ride home. She got home and changed into dry clothes and then she and MD helped run the garage sale with the X's and McK's. We all ate lunch and then it was time to head back for AC's game. We got out to the field and it was misting just enough to make everyone and everything wet. Then the winds picked up and with umbrellas and the goal nets inverting, both coaches decided to call it and everyone hurriedly made thier way to thier cars to head home.

We came home and while a nap was really wanted, we went to church and took Rei with us since she seemed to be feeling pretty good. It may have been a bad decision, as while she did her guiding well, she seemed a little sluggish and slow. For dinner, we came home trying to figure out a restaurant that we could take AC to with his newly dx'd milk sensitivity. As we searched sit down chain menu's, we came across a blog post that said that Red Robin had individual menus for the 8 top allergen products for those with these allergies to order from. So we decided to give it a try.

We went to Red Robin and we were VERY impressed with how they handled things and the menu we received. The manager brought out the dairy free menu and explained to us they'd mark our order check, they'd fix things on a separate cooking surface and we were able to just select what we wanted off the menu or if those didnt work, they'd be happy to sub other things as well if they were dairy free. So it was a very enjoyable evening of good food, bottomless strawberry lemon ices, and so forth. So they definately gained a new loyal customer here! Too bad they aren't a little closer, but then maybe its a good thing so we arent going out to eat all the time! LOL!

So we ate well and came home and went to bed.

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ya'll need to keep them kids
outta that water
and they need to rain
they aint business in those
puddles anyway they need to stay outta it
they get sick or something
and they aint got no business outside anyway
in all of that water