Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend- Meet Rei's Puppywalker and family!!!! - Saturday

Erin and I got up and ate breakfast there at the house.
Her Dad came down with some stuff for the slideshoe and met & talked with him for a good while.

We then took off and went to the mall in Knoxville to pick up some graduation gifts as well as so Erin could see Rei work in crowds/with people, etc. Rei did awesome, but I sprained my ankle. :(

All through the mall were steps going to the different levels and all of them had 3 steps. However, at the last set, there were 4 steps instead of 3 and I thought I was on the last one and turned my foot down and under as I stepped down. I heard this loud pop and instant pain. At first it was really intense pain and I felt extremely sick at my stomach, but after I sat down for a bit, it subsided. I kept going as it wasn't swelling up and the pain was subsiding. We stopped at a Aunt Annie's and got a soft pretzel and then headed to Office Max to pick up the last grad gift before heading back to the house.

Went to the graduation ceremony in the church where there was a little girl graduated Kindergarten, Erin's sister graduated HS, and two others graduated from college. This was the graduation ceremony for Erin's sister, since her mom homeschools thier family.

Erin's wonderful parents listening to the speaker from the pews for the choir up on the stage:

Following the graduation ceremony, we went over to Maryville to the reception where there was dinner and cake for the celebration of the grads and everyone watched the slideshow that Erin had put together. Rei was a huge hit by the kids and since we weren't in the church, Rei immediatley had a circle of fans sitting on the floor and petting her.

My ankle had then begun to swell and become really painful, so once most everyone had cleared out, we took off and went to a walgreens and I bought an instant ice pack, a reuseable ice pack, some ibu gel caps, and we headed back to the house to take some ibu and prop up & ice my ankle. We made our way back to the house and I went to bed pretty early. Unbeknownst to me, I had a bedmate as well. It wasnt until later in the night that I woke up and felt this ball of something under the covers down by my feet. Turns out it was Mr. Texas sleeping with me for the night! LOL!

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