Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip to the American Girl Place with the Girls

When KT was 5 1/2, Grandma, Grandma Robeerts, KT, & I went up to Chicago to the American Girl Place. Since MD was several years younger, we didn't take her with. Since several years have passed, we thought it was time for the trip with MD and KT had been asking to go back as well.

The last time, we'd went on a group bus trip, so this time we decided to do it alone and so we could set our own schedule for the day and if tired, we could pack it up and head on out if need be.

We took off pretty early in the morning and easily made the drive up to the Chicago area and arrived about an hour before our noon lunch reservation. The girls watched movies on the way up and Rei did very well laying between the front seats of the van.

After arriving and finding the parking garage, we walked over to the Water Tower place, the new home of the American Girl place and seeing the girls eyes light up was so much fun. MD truly didn't know what to think of everything and we made our way up to the dining area and went ahead and got our seat. MD was very impressed with everything and both girls were thrilled with having thier tea cups and plates for thier dolls, who joined us in thier own special chairs at the table.

MD looking over the fancy folded napkin, held in it's folding by a hair piece for the girls to take with them.

THe walls are black and white striped and pink accents. The booth seats themselves have pink outlined daisies all over them and it's just a whimsical motif throughout the whole room.

KT and her doll sitting to her right side in her table chair. Both the girls and thier dolls were wearing shimmery sateen dresses with an elasticized top like a halter top. I was able to purchase this fabric at Walmart and make them and thier dolls matching dresses.

MD showing her skewered fruits, cut in the shapes of daisies. She is eating an american hot dog, has a bowl of macaroni & cheese on a a plate as well.

MD's Doll sitting in her table chair, hair scrunchie in her hair and black and white tea cup sitting on he table as well.

Dessert for us all: an iced heart shaped sugar cookie, a heart shaped mini cupcake, and then a flower pot dirt pudding with an artificual white daisy flower stuck down it. Soooooo Cute!

KT grinning and posing by leaning close to her doll and a daisy flower tucked behind her ear:

KT and grandma standing together. MD is playing shy at this time, so the picture is only of KT and Grandma:

After lunch, we began shopping throughout the store, browsing all of the different things they had for sale and such. Grandma bought both of the girls a sweat shirt/shirt to wear of thier choice and MD asked repeatedly for a set of the black and white striped tea set. KT then asked for a specific dress set, which I then bought the items they'd requested for each of them.

MD overlooking KT looking up at the shelves of goods for sale and so forth:

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Melany said...

The girls look like they had a blast. :)