Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello out there....

Yeah, it's been a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time since writing here. I'll be frank, the blog hasn't been high on my priority list with the roller coaster of things that have been going on in our world in the last couple of months, so we've been a wee bit quiet here.

However get ready, as I'm going to start updating over the next few days and you'll get more than your share of stuff to read from our end, and a warning now- some of it may be harsh for some of you. Please don't take it personal, this is going to be my place to vent, cry out, and "scream" to the world in the frustrations of having Usher Syndrome, as well as let everyone know what's going on with our family.

Hugs to all and here we go. :)

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