Friday, August 14, 2009

Rei gets a pool!!!! And a bath too ;)

With the onset of the hot weather, I've had so many people ask me if we'd bought a kiddie pool for her. You know the hard plastic one, about 4ft in diameter and maybe 10 inches deep. Well I put it on the list and Hubby was finally able to find one at Walmart for her.

We filled it up out in the back yard and it didnt take Rei long at all to get into it. She LOVED it and still does- if she can get in amongst the kids playing in it. LOL~

Her fav thing to do is drop her toys and push them around the bottome of the pool, sticking her entire face down into the water! Goofy girl!

KT moving the pool down a bit by dragging it across the sidewalk and setting things up:

KT waving to the pool trying to encourage Rei to get in and let her know that it's OK to do so:

Sure didn't take Rei long to figure it out! LOL! Rei spinning around and around in the green colored pool, water splashing everywhere:

Here is a video of Rei playing in the water- spinning around, laying down in it, tossing her kong out and jumping out to get it and back in:

So now that I had a soaked dog I put Rei up on the new grooming bench that Hubby built for me and started to soap her down with the furminator shampoo that I'd ordered from goodness that stuff works wonders! Rei, however, was feeling quite duped!

Kacie in a light T shirt and jean shorts, is scrubbing Rei down with the doggy shampoo:

KT was dying to help too, so she did the conditioner solution on Rei and her she is scrubbing her with that:

Let me just say I LOVE my grooming bench!!!! It's made grooming Rei sooooooo much easier, since it's wide, deep, where she won't fall off, can't get away from me, and I don't have to bend over either! YAY!!!! :)

Alrighty all, it's late again and I'm going to call it a night! Stay tuned for more later!

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Erin and the Furry Troops said...

She picked up the whole drop the toy in the water from my neighbors dog, who did that as well!!
Its funny to see she still does the same thing! After we'd take walks to "the meadow" we'd bring the dogs back and let them play in the kidde pool.
I can tell she's delighted to have one of those again :))