Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neighborhood Block Party

After several rain outs last year, the organizers of our neighborhood block party decided that just waiting until later July was the better option for having the block party.

This year, a large ladder truck came along with one of the K-9 dogs from the police department. The kids got to tour the truck and I know my kids were just in awe of looking through and climbing in and out of the truck. They even didn't come eat when it was time to as well!

Everyone started off with food, the Fire Dept grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and then the neighbors all pitching in sides to go around. The weather was awesome, in the lower 70's for a BEAUTIFUL day to eat and hang out on the lawns. :)

A view of the set up and neighbors visiting:

AC walking one of the papillons:

Hubby & AC looking over the foods and getting plates of food:

KT & MD checking out the inside of the firetruck:

KT & MD talking with the Fireman and looking at the hoses on the truck:

Is this a future firefighter??? AC sitting on he front bumper of the firetruck:

AC with a big grin inside the cab of the fire truck and KT too:

AC being a firefighter with a mask on and MD sitting in there too:

As most were finishing up with eating to thier fill, the K-9 officer brought his narcotics dog out and did a demonstration. He did say that he would be retiring his dog soon, and that she would have a permanent home in his house. The police dept is hoping to purchase another dog soon and he is hoping to be the new handler for that dog.

Rei being a good girl during the demonstration:

The firetruck heading out with AC and Hubby watching it go by:

Everyone had a great time and then gathered up thier stuff and looking forward to next year!

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