Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun with Friends...

The week after the Reunion, we went to the zoo and to the Children's Museum with a good friends of ours from our Bible Study group, "J" and her son & niece.

We went first to the Indianapolis Zoo and the the weather was great, thus it was very busy at the zoo.

The kids and Rei up on a LARGE rock in front of the baboon exhibit.

"J" pointing out the tiger up on the ledge snoozing in the heat to the girls:

KT sitting up on a Rock ledge by herself. She has a black T shirt on and jean shorts, and has a big grin on her face. My, my girl is getting soooo big!

From here we went to see the bears, which Rei intently watched through the thick glass as well. Katie sitting at the glass and Rei looking into the glass intently at the two bears walking about in their enclosure.

The large bear at the top of the rock walk of the enclosure:

One through the forests, we took a stop at the playground for the kids. "J"'s little boy absolutely LOVES Rei, and loves on her every time he sees her. So got this shot of hi and Rei as he's sitting in the stroller and Rei gives him a lick on the hand:

The two young giraffes standing together, that we were able see from riding the train about the zoo grounds:

When we got of the train, we went to the eating area and ate our picnic lunch we'd packed and brought along. We finished up with some Chocolate Chip Cookies and here is "J"'s little boy, who is just adorable showing me his cookie:

By this point, we were all running out of gas, but the girls really wanted to go to the water dome to view the dolphins. So we went there before heading out for home.

Here we are inside the dome and you can see a dolphin swimming at the top of the dome:

Our next outing was a few days later to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. A favorite of our kids for sure. "J"'s niece hadn't been before, or it'd been a long time since she had, so she was definitely excited to go, as was KT.

We started out with eating Lunch in the food court area and then went to the upper level of the Dino sphere as "J" took the call from her hubby, a scary one at that. The Dr's thought he may have a tumor and this phone call began a long scary roller coaster for them of Dr's, appt's, and lately an inpatient admission to the hospital for rebound headaches. Thankfully with a lot of prayers and finally getting to some good doctors, God has answered our many prayers and of the prayer warriors of our church, that there aren't any tumors and hubby is home now and on a long road to recovery from the rebound headaches. Praise God, He is GOOD!!!!

Since her hubby had already left for work, we stayed at the museum and let the kids have fun. KT and "J"'s niece checked out the dino drawing area and stuff in the upper level.

The girls sitting at drawing desks looking at the dino skull in front of them and drawing it:

KT showing off her completed drawing:

Before heading down to the dinosphere itself, we went to the lookout over the dome and goodness, I always laugh at Rei, as she takes in everything and looks as much as the kids do at these things:

"J's" son n the wagon and Rei beside him, both looking down into the dome full of life sized dino's:

Dress up time! They had vests with dino tails and mitts that looked like dino feet for the kids to put on and sit in these "nests". The Girls donned the dino suits and "J"'s little one had tons of fun hanging out in the box that stored all the stuff! LOL!

Here is a video of the girls in their suits as dancing dinos and a pan over to the silly boy in the box!

The girls sitting in the "nest" with their costumes on, hands up in the air and roaring like a dino!

We then made our way up the ramp system to the Playscapes area. IN the center, is this HUGE column of hand blown glass intertwined of different colors and shapes and so forth going up towards the ceiling of the 5 floor building.

Here is a shot of the kids at a corner of the ramp, "J"'s son sitting on the railing and the girls on each side of him and the tower of glass behind them (yes I got the camera strap in the way. BOO!):

We get into the Playscapes area and the girls head for the sand table- KT and "J"'s niece working together to pour sand through a spinner type thing:

Then the girls quickly moved to the playhouse area that had a small house with the works- a kitchen, food, and even a doghouse outside with a small wooden fence and a garden to be "worked". We are standing there and as I'm trying to keep track of the girls, little did I realize that I had leaned up against the dog house and Rei and I are standing there and I'm taking various pictures. There's all these little kids running around and next thing I know, here comes this little toddler and sets something down right in front of Rei and runs off. I look down and what do I see? The toddler had brought over the doggy dish that went to the dog house that I was standing in front of with my dog. LOL. I about died laughing!

Here's Rei standing next to the blue doggy dish that the little one had brought to her:

"J"'s little one playing on the fun stuff over in the toddler area, crawling over the bumps and mats and through the tunnels for young kids:

It quickly came to the point that the Moms were worn out and ready to call it a day and head on home. So we made our way down through the museum and knowing that Rei hadn't had a chance to break for a good while, I took Rei to a spot that she could relieve herself and "J" took some pictures of the kids in the new garden of the world that is at outside in what used to be the old entry way. The kids had a blast posing on the various miniture replicas of landmarks of the world!

A really cute picture of the kids, with "J"'s little one even waving for the camera!:

All three kids sitting on a rock inside the replica of the Roman Coliseum- again, the silly boy waving to the camera:

"J"'s little one is SUCH a ham! Here he is sitting between the paws of the Sphinx and posing!

All three kids- the little one still sitting on the paws of the Sphinx, KT on it's back and leaning around it's head to the left and "J"'s niece sitting on it's back and leaning around it's head to the right:

With this we started to head back to the van to come on home, and I took one last picture of the temporary statue in place because of the King Tut exhibit there for the time being:

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