Monday, August 24, 2009

2009 Annual TN Reunion trip- Creation Museum

The next morning we got up and ate breakfast there at our hotel and loaded up the vehicles and such. Sue and Grandma R had met us there at the hotel, coming from IN as we'd come from TN, so we got our stuff ready to go and after checking out, we made the half hour drive to the Creation Musuem. We were there somewhat early but we got to talk and such and was towards tthe beginning fo the line for getting in and buying our tickets.

While standing there in line and waiting, there was this other family a little ways away from us and because the guy had a really deep voice I could hear him talking about Rei and I, even though I had my back to them. The guy went on to say that Rei was a working dog and that it was the worst thing in the world to be blind and that it was the only reason I got to take my dog with me everywhere is because I cannot see anything. He went on to say that he would rather have anything else than to be blind because being blind was such a poor quality of life.

I stood there and bit my tongue and then as I was standing there trying to decide how I wanted to respond, if I did at all, I turned around and made direct eye contact with the guy. He looked at me somewhat surprisedly and I just turned back around and figured I'd leave him thinking about it and not say anything more. Urgh, it's these people that irritate me most, that think they know it all about everyone.

Soon enough, the doors opened and we went in and got our tickets and just as we entered the museum, they had the area to have a picture taken as a group in front of a blue screen and then they'd put different backgrounds to it and you could choose if you wanted one or not. MD of course pulled her usual "I don't want my picture taken" hissy fit and refused to cooperate. We drug her over to the picture area and while she was buried behind hubbys legs, it fit quite well with the incoming Dinosuar background that we chose. LOL!

From there we went into the planetarium and watched thier show there on the creation of the universe. Upon coming out of there, we went immediately across the room and got in line to see the Men in White show, which was VERY funny, yet serious too. :) We came out of the Men in White show and it was then getting to be about noon, so we decided to go outside and work on getting us a lunch. The food there was VERY reasonably priced and goodness was it GOOD! Seriously, VERY good!

We ate on the deck area overlooking the small lake and the gardens across the lake, which there was BEAUTIFUL water lillies all along the banks with blooms the size of my kids heads. I've never seen blossoms so large before and it was just breath taking. After we finshed eating, we decided to do the outdoor gardens and petting zoo first and then to come back and do the museum itself. So we went to the gardens first.

Hubby knelt down with the kids on both sides of him in front of a beautiful fountain and the walk path lined with roses and beautiful flowers.

We made our way up to the petting zoo first and the first critter we came to was the Zonkey and burro. The little burro while he was ok at first with nosing Rei, was NOT happy about Rei being there and pinned his ears back at her and pranced up and down the fence following us along the fence row.

Most of the animals came running over and stuck thier heads through the fence to check out Rei, not being used to an animal being on the other side of the fence. However the kid all enjoyed the animals being readily accessible as a result! :)

AC petting the cow that had his head through the fence and the girls next to him petting the burro that had stuck his head through and had his eas pinned back.

The Zonkey (Zebra/donkey cross- with a black main and tail like a zebra, the dorsal stripe like a zebra, but brown coloring of a donkey but has some light feathering stripes over the shoulders like a donkey has black stripes on its white coat) & Rei checking each other out.

Hubby and the kids meet the camel.

AC pets the camel's looong neck as it cleans up hay off the grown that had been fed to it by others outside the fence.

And one of my favorite pictures of the trip:

Rei and the camel nose to nose, saying Hello! to each other. :)

The girls petting the baby Wallaby held by a staff person.

We finished up there and it was really hot while outside, so Rei and I quickly headed for some shade as the kids and grandma's made thier way to the exit of the petting zoo. We then continued on through the gardens on the shaded and beautiful paths which we came to a pergula with a backdrop of a waterfall and rocks behind it, so I took the opportunity to get a picture of Rei there. :)

Rei in a sit stay, looking to the right of the picture, tongue lolling out as the sun is shining down on her. a beautiful waterfull over rocks behind her and flanked by foliage to the sides.

AC and Hubby checking out the lifesize T-Rex topiary in the gardens.

The Creation Museum building and the deck we'd eaten on for lunch, from across the pond.

Some of the beautiful scenerey of the gardens.

Another shot, along the water's edge.

The gorgeous, yet massive Lilly blooms that were honest to goodness the size of soccer balls.

By the time we got through the gardens, we were all hot and ready to head back into the AC of the museum itself. We went in and began the walk through creation and it was amazing the details and such of the exhibits as they portrayed the stories of the bible, with Adam and Eve and so forth. The kids enjoyed it all and it took us several hours to work our way through the museum.

A scene of Adam naming all of the animals.

The scene of a dinosaur and how they fit into the bible and scheme of things.

Rei VERY cautiously took me past the dinosaur, as it's head and tail moved with animatronics. I was half expecting a bark as she'd done at the aquaruium the day before, because she was NOT liking this large thing moving as it was.

This picture is somewhat blurry, as she was moving, but it is of Rei GLUED to watching the dino as we went past it. LOL!

The scene of Man having to toil to work the land and now having pain at childbirth as a result of Adam and Eve disobeying God and eating from the forbidden fruit.

We then came to the replica of the Ark that Noah built to survive the flood and rains of 40 days and nights. It was moving to walk through this and feel/see what God had commanded Moses to build and what it was thought to be like.

Hubby walking through the "hull" of the boat.

A model of what the Ark was.

Sue and MD looking at a lengthwise cross secion of what the compartments of the Ark were.

AC with Sue doing a puzzle.

After going through the Ark section, we continued on through and there was lots and lots of good information about the parts of the bible and how it fits into what evolution says to have happened. I was very impressed by how they ran a parallel throughout the whole museum of the evolutionary point of view and the biblical point of view. We were there until about 3pm and while there was so much more I would have liked to have read and such, all of us were done with things and ready to head on home. I sincerely hope that at some point, hubby and I may be able to do a get away weekend and go back to do the Creation Museum again, as I would really enjoy going through and reading all of the stuff that I was really unable to do so this time.

So we loaded up in our vehicles and began the drive home back to IN. Once we got home, boy was it good to be home! There's definately NO PLACE LIKE HOME! :D

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