Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Each year we usually try to get together and do something fun with the kids and dads. :) This year Dan was unable to make it and he wasnt feeling well, so we didn't get to see Honey as had been planned. We grilled hot dogs and burgers for good food to eat and Dad pulled out all the squirt guns and super soakers he's collected over the years and he had a ton of fun with the kids having a nearly 2 hour water gun fight!

Unfortunately, hubby wasn't feeling the greatest with a bad headache or something so he hung out most of the time inside on the couch.


AC standing at the bench in his Disney CARS swim shorts and looking into a bowl with a 3-4 small hand squirt guns, trying to decide which one he's gong to choose.

AC and Grandpa face off - Grandpa with the super soaker, AC with the hand squirt gun. Both facing each other running in opposite directions across the yard.

Rei and "S" getting in on the fun, chasing each other and running through the midst of the water fight, and then panning over to the waterfight itself- all three kids and Grandpa chasing each other and trying to get each other wet.

RELOAD TIME! Grandpa kneeling down with the kids huddled around him in thier swimsuits, as he refills all of the water guns for the next round of the fight!

Grandpa and KT face off- KT with the pumping Super Soaker and Grandpa with hand squirt guns in each hand.
I personally LOVE these next three of pictures. :)
AC with a soaker gun runnin from KT, both with laughing grins on thier faces as KT is only a few feet behind AC with hand squirt guns in both hands and getting AC as they both run.
"S" peeking out from the flowers

Rei standing in front of the shed in the grass, in a striking pose and gazing upon her surroundings about her, yet ready to pounce to join the action.

"G" & "S"sittingon the swing between Sue and I, taking it easy and watching the fun.

Once everyone was worn out, we all headed inside for the Dads to open thier presents. The kids changed out of their swimsuits and put thier dry clothes back on and the girls combed out thier hair.

Grandpa had several gifts from the kids that they'd made on thier own or at preschool.

Grandpa sitting in his easy chair, openinghis gift and showing off the bracelet one of the kids had made for him.

Rei laying on the floor with her nylabone between her paws and chewing away happily.

AC sitting on the floor with the beginning reader books pulled out and strewn about him, trying to decide which one he's going to get someone to read to him.

Guess who got to read to him??? Grandpa of course!
Grandpa with AC on his lap and going through the Dora book together.

KT sitting on the couch watching TV with MD sitting beside her and leaning her head on KT's shoulder, as she was about to fall asleep from all the excitement for the day.

So after a long and really fun day, we went home with tired and happy kids and dog. :)

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