Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer and Doll Dresses for the Girls & Sewing!

I had looked earlier in the summer at JoAnn's for some of the shirred fabric and what I found was nearly $25 a yard! YIKES!!!! I was like well, ok guess we aren't doing that this year then. Then mid summer, a friend and I went to Walmart and found some of the fabric and even in longer lengths for MUCH cheaper, so I spent for it and bought the fabric to make dresses for the girls again and for their AG dolls. I also used wide ribbons this time for the straps, as I had forgotten last summer that the straps have to be three fingers wide to be worn to school.

So here's what they each wound up with.

Cherries on black fabric and red ribbon straps:

Light pink with large white dots, Green straps, and then green happy frogs hopping above the white/pink checked skirt tale of the dress:

Pink with white polka dot straps for a whimsical flowers in a bed and bugs scene on light blue over the top of a solid pink panel at the skirt tale of the dress (and yes the dress is dirty- pulled it off a kid to take the picture. LOL!):

Shimmery pink with a sheer overlay over it that is embroidered with flowers and beading. I made two of these for each girl- one in Pink and one in white:

Black straps, black background with small white polka dots with red and black lady bugs scattered about, then about 3 inches from the bottom of the dress, there is a band of larger lady bugs. Beneath this band of lady bugs is white with small black polka dots:

White background with black "seeds" and then a large band of watermellon slices. Red flowers scatted throughout and below the watermellon slices is a black band.

Matching dresses for the dolls (minus the straps):

I had also received another request to make a pouch sign for a guide dog handler, so made this as well. I just hadn't put the snaps on for snapping around the handle yet:

So I had been busy sewing!!!

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