Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honey comes to Visit!

On July 16th, we had an appt for one of the kids at the Dr. and Dan brought Honey with him. :) It was awesome to get to see her again, as the kids and I all miss her super sweet personality!

Here she is laying in the shade, trying to stay cool.

Miss Rei looking at the camera, tongue lolling out after chasing Honey around for the stick they'd found in the yard.

Honey standing at the back door, that we had to close because she kept going inside instead of staying with the rest of us. LOL!

Honey and Rei playing together- Honey on the ground on her back, Rei standing over her:

Here is a video of the two of them rough housing together and chasing each other through the yard.

The girls hanging out on the swingset, Dan & Honey talking with them:

We really enjoyed seeing Honey that day and MD has asked several times if Honey can come visit again on a day she's home from school. :)