Thursday, August 13, 2009

4th of July weekend...

Ok, I will admit, this weekend came with quite a bit of nervousness for me. A year ago, I was trying to dig Honey out from under the tiny table that was beside me and trying to calm her down from pacing, panting, and literally freaking out because of the firecrackers, bottle rockets, and even some quite elaborate colored fireworks that our neighbors seem to feel the need to celebrate for at least a week before and a week after the 4th Holiday.

With a HUGE relief, I am pleased to say that they don't phase Rei in the least. She didnt even flinch, didn't ever pay mind to them, and was just nonchalantly went about her business of busying as these noisy things were popping, snapping, and some even screaming somewhere in the immediate vicinity. Whereas has this been Honey, I wouldnt have been able to pull her out the garage door...

So for the long weekend, we worked about the house. We got a LOT of stuff done, hubby working on making several things for the house, the one I recall off the top of my head being the trash can bin for the can I uses to dispose of cleaning up after Rei. He made it of landscape timbers like we have around the rest of the house and Im able to set the pooper scooper right next to the small can. He also made my AWESOME grooming bench for Rei. It's plenty deep, plenty wide, and made of landscape timbers like around the house. It's awesome in that she won't step off it, but can't go anywhere either and it's stable under here. Hubby put an eye hook in the wall and I attach one of the tie down cables I have looked through it to reatrain her. Thanks so much Hubby! Hubby also worked to put a support under the boat tarp, so that water wouldn't collect and pool for skeeters to make more skeeters in.

KT and I worked on the big project of re-painting the shed. It was a LONG overdue project that we'd had on our "TO DO" list for several years now. We picked out a light grey color for the base color and white for the trim. We got started early on Friday morning and we painted and painted and painted all through the day and boy that shed seemed to get bigger and bigger as the day went on. LOL! But we eventually finished most of it, all of the base color, we were wiped out when we cleaned up for the night.

The kids though were being silly as they got ready for bed, wearing the dino hats that "J" had picked up for AC and MD from the children's museum as they brushed thier teeth.

AC sitting on KT's lap, both with tooth brushes in mouth, dino hats on, heads tilted back, and grinning from ear to ear in thier jammies:

All three of the kids, KT, AC,& MD in jammies, AC & KT brushing, MD getting a drink- all being silly:

Then on the 4th itself, we all slept in and while we'd planned to work on painting the trim boards of the shed, the rain kept us at bay and we all decided that naps were in order. A whopping 4 hrs later, we wake up and realize how worn out we were! So it was a good thing we took it easy on Saturday. Beause of the rain, the town fireworks were cancelled for the night to the evening of the 5th.

On Sunday the 5th, the sun was back out and I worked on painting the trim of the shed most of the morning, once I got up and moving. We worked though the day and then had bible study that evening. Again, we didn't have to go far to see the fireworks show, since so many neighbors do them. Thankfully, they still didn't phase Rei at all! :)

As we were coming home, there was a bright and BEAUTIFUL full moon out that night, so I stepped outside and took some pictures of it when we got home from Bible Study.

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