Monday, November 24, 2008

Costco stories...

I forgot all this last night as I was trying to remember from a week ago. ;) But anywho, When Mike and I were at Costco last weekend, we bumped into one of the coordinators for my partners class. :) It was sooo cool to chat with her and actually be able to introduce Mike to Jan, and that he could put a face with a name of the person I've talked about lately. :)

Also, being that it was a Saturday afternoon, Costco was PACKED. Seriously, there were people everywhere. It was good practice for both Rei and I, as I too am really having to learn to trust her. I do when in flat out open spaces and know I can just relax and go into "cruise" mode, but it's really hard to totally give up that control and trust her not to bump me into anyone or anything. So going through the store, while I tried to be good and relax, I'll admit, I was tense and ready to jump on her mistakes. I mentally was telling myself, calm down, let her do her thing and deal with it if it comes. the more I relaxed, the smoother things went and she did test me a few times, as she brought me right up behind Mike, but she didn't run me into him. I think there was maybe 2 inches between us and I put my handup and just placed it on his back so he knew I was that close, but Man she's good! She's done this several times now and my natural tendency is to be ready to get after her, but she's slowly showing me to trust her. :)

Another really funny thing from Costco, is that we were going through the freezer sections. we were on the outside wall of the building, at the end of the long freezer section and Mike was looking at something. I was standing with Rei, just behind the parked cart as he was grabbing what we needed. So there was a door just behind us, probably at 7 o'clock, and in order to keep the cold air from escaping so quickly there was those wide plastic flaps. There was a Costco employee several cooler doors down from Mike, putting stuff into the cooler and as Rei and I are standing there, this tall skinny guy comes flying out the door and through those flaps right behind us. Rei spins around facing him and just lets out one lone, but loud bark. The poor guy, he jumped back so fast and hard he almost went backwards back through the flaps that he'd just came through. You could tell that his heart was in his throat and he had that completely startled look but relieved look on his face. His co-worker was just busting up laughing and trying to be nice, as was most of the people around us. I was pretty intent on making sure she didn't bark again, but as Mike and I walked away, we too were laughing pretty good. :)

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