Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seriously behind, but I do want to share some pics of Rei. :)

I know, I know, I'm over a week behind, but I promise I'm getting there!

We have a 4 day weekend coming up and I'm really looking forward to it. Time to relax, get the christmas stuff out, the Halloween stuff out of the garage and back up in the attic, do something fun with the kids and just enjoy being with my familiy. :)

Eh what the heck I'll try to go ahead and update, just do a quick and dirty version:

Last week was busy enough that it was a blur and I honestly don't remember all that we did! LOL! I do remember we had on Tuesday a meeting at the church for a disablities community group, Something was Wednesday, but for the life of me I'm blanking- other than giving the kids baths that night.

Speaking of baths- Rei wanted to join in on the fun, 'er I should say she wanted to snatch the bathrub toys!

Oh! I remember now, Jordan came over and cut my hair for me! :D Rei absolutely LOVED her. :)

Thursday Mike had something after work- I paid bills and was trying to catch up on stuff, as well as cleaning up in case we had visitors for the weekend., Friday we had Bible study fun night.

Before we took off for the fun night though, I took Rei over to Dad and Sue's to try to introduce Rei to their papillons again, since the first meeting didn't go so hot and all were not happy with the other one being in "their" territory. Rei hadn't seen them in "her" house before and the Paps had never seen Rei in Honey's house before, even though they've been here lots of times, so all was on the defense pretty quickly.

So we walked over to Dad and Sue's and Dad brought Grace out first. Grace was afraid and pretty much wanted to turn and run to the house, but Rei was able to sniff her and she was fine with her. Then Dad brought Sophie out and at first there was some growling and snarling, primarily on Sophie's part, but Dad and I both did corrections saying No! and left the leashes long and within a few minutes both dogs were sniffing each other and fine with being in close proximity of each other. Dad then walked up the house and he and Sue walked back out with both dogs and as Rei started to jump up on Sue, Sophie snarled and went after Rei a bit, but again we did corrections, got Rei to stop jumping up and within a couple of minutes, Rei was pretty oblivious to the Paps being there and was ready to go inside since it was cold out.

After going in, I let Rei walk through the house, smelling everything really good and checking everything out. When we came back to the living room, we all sat down and talked and Rei wanted do bad to go over and rough house with the Paps, and Sophie got a little ticked once for Rei being too pushy, but after that they were fine and Rei pretty quickly settled down. Grace even got to be bold an came over by my side on the couch, so with Rei sitting between my legs, she leaned her head back and they licked each other. :) So all went well and I think with time they'll eventually be fine with each other all the time.

Mike then stopped by and picked me up to head over to John & Karen's, of which the girls all went to Olive Gardens for dinner and the guys stayed at John & Karen's house and had a poker night as the kids played. It was a lot of fun, as we all enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to get out with some other adult women. :) Rei did awesome while out and about as well and was very good at the restaurant. The girls all came back to my house and we played two games of Wii bowling as Rei bounced from person to person for almost 2 hrs of playing with her toys with them.

Over the weekend, on Saturday Mike worked in the garage, trying to finish up the door for the kids playhouse and the chocolate bar shutters. Since he was out in the garage all morning, I put the kids on a Thanksgiving craft to take over to Dad and Sue's and put on the tables for everyone. So here's our flock of Turkey's - including Turkey Meaghan. :D

These are place cards and napkin rings all in one. :) The kids really enjoyed making them. :)

So we worked on those all morning and then all three kids took naps since everyone was up until almost 1am on the fun night. After naps, the kids got up and we all got ready for church. Which was my first church service with Rei (I think...). She did very well, with no problems. :) Saturday night, We let the kids stay up a little later again and then took it easy for the evening.

Sunday morning, we got up and went outside and worked in the yard to get most of the leaves cut and bagged up and so forth. Rei got a lot of time to run and play outside in the yard. :)

Rei found the foam basketball out in the yard and Katie was trying to get it from her. Rei being the stinker she is, wasn't having any part of giving the ball to Katie...

After we finished up the yard completely, we all went inside and the kids laid down for naps before the girls Church Christmas program practices. I decided to take Rei for a walk, since each time we went out for break, she would tug to go down the sidewalk. It was also in the mid 40's and the sun shining, so it was warm and really nice out! :) We walked completely around the neighborhood next to us and then around the big loop in our neighborhood. She did well, though was a litle excited at the kids playing ball, but with a verbal command to leave it, she focused back in on guiding pretty quickly.

After we got back home, we got the girls up and Mike took them to the practice and then in a little bit, we headed over to Joe and Julie's for bible study, stopping and picking up John and karen's to pick them up and carpool. Bible study was good, as we all could relate so well to each other for the most part. After that we called it a night and headed home.

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