Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday & Saturday of Week 2 at home with Rei

We all got up bright and early, as we had a Parent Teacher conference for Katie. Mike got up and took Alex to school and we headed over for our 8am scheduled time. Rei took me quickly and efficiently through the school and back to Katie's room and through the whole conference, she laid quietly by my side.

Katie's conference went very well, as her teacher went over her Lexile scores, class averages, school district averages, and lastly nationwide averages. Katie is doing awesome, and while she's not the fastest person in class, she has consistantly turned in excellent quality work. Katie is very tenacious and insistant on doing her work right and having everything neat and organized. Her teacher was very pleased with her work and progress and we are very proud of her too. :)

After heading back home, Mike went to the bank to take care of some financial stuff there and then headed on in to work from there. The girls and I putzed around the house in picking things up and cleaning house so that we'd be able to go to Walmart that night for our big shopping trip and for all of us to get out of the house. We got to walmart and they were paving, so half of the parking lot was closed off. It also had been raining very heavily, so it was wet and slippery too. We made our way inside and put Alex and Meaghan each in a shopping cart. Rei pretty much followed Mike without the command to do so, apparently sensing that we were to stay together.

We made our way through the store, and as we got to the back of the store, the more chaotic it got; lots of stuff in the aisles for Christmas displays, people looking around instead of where they were going, and it was a Friday night. Rei did well, taking me in and out as well as around all of these things and the crazy people that liked to dart in front of us (thank goodness for that practice at the mall the day before!) We did very well in our shopping trip, having two heaping carts full, 3 kids, and it was roughly $225 in 2 hours! *whew*

Saturday morning, we all got up Mike and the kids ran me up to the church for the disabilities support group meeting. Really, it turned more into an informational session about what the group was, what the goals were, and where it was headed. We also talked about some various issues that some of us were facing within the church and brainstormed some ideas of how to work through those issues. We had a really good discussion and hope to continue to have these small groups on a regular basis!

Mike then picked me up from the church, as we made arrangements for Dad and Sue to watch the kids for us, allowing us to go to dinner and use the gift card we'd forgotten about from Amy and Paul's Wedding back in May. It was quite a blessing when I found it in the outer pocket of the laptop bag in NY. So we went up to the north side of town and each had a nice steak dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Rei was down and under our feet and didn't make a move, so no one knew she was even there.

After we left Longhorn, we went to Costco and did another big grocery shopping trip, stocking up on meats and fruits and other things as well that we can get there for a better price than Walmart. We only had one full cart, but a big one at that and about the same price. All too soon, our time together sans kids came to an end, so we headed on home to put the groceries away and relieve Dad and Sue of their childcare duties.

We arrive home and Dad and Sue had brought thier two little papillons over, so we had an impromptu hello, which while one of the paps was fine, the other was a dominant dog and was not pleased at all with Rei being in her face. So there was some growling and snapping that happened and after a few minutes, while they were in the same room, it was very restrained. We tried to let them introduce themselves, but neither of the dogs were cooperating, so we let it go and figured we'd try again later. Dad and Sue, with thier dogs, took off for home and we quickly prepared to go to church.

Rei did very well in church, laying down quietly and peacefully down beside my aisle seat. She even turned her head up and under the chair in front of me and didn't do much of anything other than look up inquisitively as the guys came out onto the stage to begin the music worship. After the service, she led me nimbly through the crowds and to the line to pick up Alex. I was stopped several times by friends admiring what a beautiful dog I had and several congrats on having my new partner. :)

Once we had the kids all picked up, we headed on home for dinner and then got the kids to bed and kicked back and relaxed for the evening. :)

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