Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We finally made it home.

We are finally home.

We left NY yesterday morning and got to Baltimore. All was good to go, and we'd made arrangements to meet with a mutual friend that lived in the area (actually she's the exec. director of the American Assoc. Deaf Blind) and we ate lunch with her, since we had a a 3 hr layover in Baltimore.

So we come back at 3:15- to fly out at 4 and the flight is CANCELLED. No delay, it's flat out cancelled. Suzi and I were like CRAP! We made our way up to the counter and we found out we had 2 options, We could run to a different concourse, through security and try to make the plane that left in 40 mins to Chicago Midway, then do the same in Chicago with 45 mins to hit the plane there to Indy, putting us supposedly at home about 11:30pm into Indy.

Or our other option was they put us up in a hotel for the night, we come back and fly home this morning at 8:20am and be home by 10am. We opted to do that because we were both tired, the dogs were stressed and all of us in an unfamiliar place. But it took 2 hours to get to the hotel, taking forever to find our bags, getting our vouchers, the shuttle not coming and having to call them to come again, getting to our room and no free internet and then finding out all local calls were 1.50 the first minute and then 10cents a minute after that. Thank goodness I had my cell phone on me. I called Mike and had him look up the local pizza place to have pizza delivered to us since they wouldn't do anything for our meals.

We got up this morning, the shuttle picked us up, we got to the airport and had someone walk us through security and to the gate so all was good to go. We got on the flight, leaving 20 mins early and landed 20 mins early. Both of us were picked up quickly by our rides and we got home finally. :)

Now why our flight was cancelled- because they shut down the airspace over Indy since McCain was at the new airport speaking for his rally....

We were worried about this morning too since he was supposed to be back at the airport to fly out, which I think we dodged that by leaving early.

After getting home, Rei settled in nicely and Mike came home a little early so we could go vote. Worked out well, as Sue was there voting as we walked in, so she took the kids outside and watched them while we voted. We didn't have too long of a line, as we were there about 4:15 and was in line for maybe 10-15 minutes tops. :) Made me really happy, since I've been up since 4am when Rei woke me up.

We came on home and fed Rei and then after she settled down, we tried letting her off the tie down for some supervised time around the house. She did pretty good and the kids are really warming up to her. She did get a little over-excited when Alex began to run through the house and she gave chase, so had to reign her in and make her lay at my feet. We put her back on tie down and ate dinner and Katie has been working on her president report all evening. Then I put some more peanut butter in the big sterilized bone that we got and she's been happily chewing on that as I got Meaghan and Alex ready for bed and still is now. It was cute, Meaghan and Alex both asked if they could go tell Rei goodnight. :)

Alright, I know I didn't update on yesterday, but I'm sore, tired, and ready for some sleep, but Mike said we needed to talk about some stuff- a lot coming up for this week, so have to stay awake for at least that. Then I'm crashing for the night!

Later Gators!

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