Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 2 continued.

So after Lisa left, Mike and the kids were all soon home and we got ready to go to the Great Banquet Gathering for November. So we took off for the church early since we were expecting a lot of people to stop us to talk about Rei.

We arrived and Rei guided me into the church and the chapel quickly and effortlessly. Rei met several new friends this night and she was a little confused as we all lined up for communion. She was wanting to take me around people and keep right on going, but I kept telling her steady, but she was such a good girl and did it as I asked. :)

After the service was over, a friend of mine named Janet asked to talk about some things, so we moved out to the foyer area where there wasn't quite as much noise. Ryan and Shannon's little girl toddled up and I made Rei sit. The little girl stretched her cute little fingers out and Rei was just dying to lick her face, but was a good girl and sat still. the little girl watched her and Rei's tail was swinging back and forth in happiness too. :)

It wasnt long though after they left, that another little girl, about 5 or 6 yrs old came running up to us wanting to pet Rei. In the exitement, Rei jumped up on her and I immediately corrected her to stay down. I was worried, but the little girl didn't seem phased by it, as she waited patiently until I got Rei to sit quietly and then petted her. We took off not too long after that and went home for the night, getting kids to bed and crashing hard.

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