Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this week:

On Monday, Meaghan and I hung out in the house and took it easy most of the day. We had haircuts for the kids scheduled for the evening, so we went and got those in the evening at 6pm. We also went to Payless shoes and picked up a pair of black dress shoes for Katie and Alex, since they didn't have any for the fall/winter.

I did get quite a few pictures of Meaghan and Rei on Monday too:

Tuesday, Katie had two plays at the school for Thanksgiving, that was put on by her 2nd/3rd grade class. She was a narrator and did very well! :)

Rei- patiently waiting on the floor to go to the cafeteria where the play would be held:

The kids coming in:

The first play "The First Thanksgiving":


The second Play:

Katie's Class:

I also got some more pictures of Rei yesterday both inside and out:

Being all cute since she's tied down:

Here she is outside:

Something got her attn:

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