Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today was a really busy day, as Katie had weird hair day at school, where she got to wear her haire weird if she bought a can of food in for the donation drive So here's her WILD hair:

Then for the afternoon, we had a follow up appt for Rei's ears. She had a yeast infection in her ears, so have been treating that. That's what we did last Monday= took Rei to the vet. ;) Since Dan was coming out to take us to the vet, and had to take Sue to pick up her car after that, I asked him to bring Honey out with him to let Rei and Honey play together, as well as to spend some time with her. He agreed to do that and brought her with. :)

Here's a couple of snapshots, but I'll post more tomorrow, as I'm dragging and falling asleep here in the computer chair...

Honey visiting her old buddy, Wilson from behind us:

Katie got them both to sit and stay while she threw the toy:

Honey missed Katie too:

Both my Puppies!

Ok Im off to bed, I'm wiped. Will share more pics and videos tomorrow sometime, but these were my faves! :)

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