Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 2 of Home training- Tuesday

Tuesday morning came and as I let Rei off the tie down by the bed, and she was bouncing off the walls and tromping through the house, I was just thinking to my self, gosh, I don't know if this dog will ever earn her freedom in the house! She romped to the laundry room to be fed and was literally bouncing off the walls in excitement and tongue lolling out and ears perked in such a way to make you just smile. So I fed her as she impatiently waited and drooled all over the kitchen floor in anticipation. LOL!

After she'd been fed and out to do her business, I came in and worked on more follow up emails and such that I hadn't been able to get to for the last 3 weeks as well as making a bunch of phone calls to set up appointments with the Dr. for my hand, to get it checked out, with the hearing aid specialist since for some reason the T-Coil in my left aid isnt working, and to get a meet and greet vet appointment set up for Rei. So made those appointments and it was quickly time for Uncle Mike to come and pick up Meaghan to take her to her Preschool Express class at the library at 1pm.

Since I had an hour before Lisa was to arrive, I figured I'd go out and let Rei have a chance to go break and then work on some obedience with her. I started with the long rope out in the back yard and she showed some improvement there. Coming to me when I called most times but you could tell she was thinking about turning back away from me. Then after several times of that, I took her out front on the leash and we walked up and down the sidewalk, where I'd just turn a 180 and not give her any command and she'd correct herself for not paying attention. We did this back and forth up and down the sidewalk with some breaks and doing the "doggy push ups" to the corner and back. She was balking quite a bit at the down command, but that is a submissive position and she's quite a dominant dog. After 10 minutes or so, she was paying very close attention and didn't even bother barking at the neighbor dog since she was so intent on what we were doing. Yay! :)

I also did some long leash sit/stay, down/stay obedience with her too, which she did really well on. I walked a complete circle around her and she turned to see what I was doing, but stayed put. So she was very good and listening very well. She did great and I felt really comfortable and more at ease with her responsiveness to things. We came on in and she settle down on her blanket with a long 6 ft nylon leash dragging behind her so I could grab her quickly if I needed to.

It wasnt long until Lisa arrived and we went over the things I'd done with her and that she'd been balking at the down command. We worked on that for a few minutes and decided to head to the library and let Uncle Mike know we were headed out and away from the house as well as walk through the library a bit since it is a place I will be frequenting often. We caught up with him and unfortunately Meaghan threw a fit wanting to go with Lisa and I, so we went ahead and left the library and headed on down to Chuck E Cheese's to make sure that Rei would be ok with that environment. Going in, we get in the door and the girl stamping hands and working the entrance was obviously afraid of dogs. She jumped back and had to go ask her manager if I could bring Rei in and wasn't sure what to say to us when she came back yet. We went on in and walked about the games and lights and so forth. Lisa had me go back to the animated Big Mouse that moved to make sure Rei wasn't going to bark at it and so forth. It didn't even phase her. LOL! She was like what is the deal with all this back and forth walking? So we headed on out of there.

Next we came back to the house and since Uncle Mike & Meaghan weren't home from the library, we hung out for Katie to get home in the next few minutes. We thought we'd give Rei a chance to go outside and run some energy off and have downtime, so we let her off leash and she was running all about. It wasn't too long that Katie ran her way up to the gate and came in to chat with us in the back yard. Katie peeled off her gloves and hat and laid down the gloves. Miss Rei walked buy and snatched the hat and wouldnt give it back. She ran about tossing it in the air an stopped in this partial courch position, afraid of Rei, ears perked up, tail curved straight up and you could see the gleam in her eyes that said come try to catch me if you can.

I called her to Come! but as she's been hard with before, she ran and "laughed" at me running away in this grand game of chase. Lisa tried as hard as she could to keep from laughing, but wasn't being too successful. I called her several times, blew the whistle and she continued to make fools of the thre of us and refusing to come to any of us. This went on for a good 15 minutes and we gave up trying to get her to come to us and Lisa said ok, lets see if we can get her to come inside with us. I said "Ok Rei, come on, lets go Inside!" She dropped the hat and came running up to me. So I clipped her on the leash and Katie grabbed her wet, slobbery hat. LOL! I told Lisa, that this was my only real fear with Rei at this point, that she were to get away from me when we are out and about, that I could be in real trouble, since she won't come back to me. Lisa said she was definately getting me a better long line to work with her on the recalls.

As we went inside, Uncle Mike and Meaghan came in the door and we told them we had one more walk to do. We then walked over to the busy road outside our neighborhood that poses problems crossing, because of the complexity of the crossing and that it's a busy, busy road. We made our way there and after standing and looking for a hole to cross, we finally decided to head back to the house since I was adimant that I avoided making this crossing at this time of day due to the rush hour traffice of town and being safe instead. So we did so and wrapped things up for the day. :)

to becontinuted....

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