Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Honey Visits and Plays with Rei!

I posted several of the snapshots in my last post, but here are a few videos and a few more snapshots:

At the petstore- Honey and Meaghan checking out the ferrets:

Everyone came in for like 30 seconds and Honey made a B-line for the doggy door back outside, so Rei of course followed.

The chase is on!

We then all headed inside, for a rest and here's another shot of the one of them together. :)

All too soon, Dan was back to pick her up, which Katie started to throw a fit and pretty much ignored Dan as he left with Honey.

All in all, it was really good to see her again, much easier this time than it was the last time.

I will be honest though, I found myself wishing she was still my guide, I love Rei, but the bond just isn't there yet as there was almost instantaneously with Honey. There's just something about the personality that is different.

However over the TG weekend, Rei did well and we are growing together with time. :)

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