Thursday, December 4, 2008


I got home late last night after the conference, and crashed hard!

This morning, we got up and got breakfast for the girls and I. Meaghan and I got dressed and ready to ride with Kathy, who was driving the wheelchair accessible van, picking up both Richard and Diane to go to So Italian! for lunch. The church disabilities leadership team was meeting for lunch and there was quite a discussion about partners and so forth.

Upcoming in March, is Disability Awareness month and we are hoping to re-vitalize the Disabilities ministry by having a table in the foyer area and hoping to be able to give out brochures from the Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disablities, as well as of information about the different areas of the Disabilities Ministry. I'll be honest, I'm really excited about it and have been brainstorming different ideas to talk at our next meeting about.

I did get some pictures of Meaghan this morning with Rei, as she insisted on wearing a dress, as she normally does, and figured with the season, I'd let her do so. :)

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow of the Christmas decorations and post to share. :)

Well, Im off to bed, I've done my partners emails I need to do for the night and up late having updated things here, but have a good sense of accomplishment for the night. :) Guess I better go accomplish some zzz's though. ;)

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