Monday, December 15, 2008

Why does the hearing have to go too??? SSDI appt today

A LOT has been happening in the last week and will be this week, will try to catch up soon, but not sure how soon I can do it.

Home from my hearing test. *sigh* that was seriously depressing.

I have 20% speech recognition in both ears- from what I understand, to qualify for a cochlear implant, you have to have 30% or worse. Well- I certainly fit that bill...

I've lost a bunch more hearing too. No wonder Im missing so much. I wasnt able to get the office to give me a copy of my audiogram, which is illegal, but wasnt going to push it there. I think the Dr. may have thought I was asking for a copy of the report, instead of the audiogram, so will try calling and see if I can get one.

I have no high tone hearing at all and in my right ear, I drop off the chart at 95 decibels where there's just nothing heard. in my left ear, I am in the 105-110 decibel range- which complete deafness is 120. I was in the 95 range after Alex was born. To put this into perspective- normal is 20-25 decibels. and 95 decibels is the loudness of a chainsaw.

The dr commented as others have that I do really well with my HA's. He was surprised at how well I communicate and asked if I lipread. I said yeah. Which honestly really scares me, as my vision keeps getting worse as I lose the ability to lipread.

Will be calling the HA specialist to come out and re-program my hearing aids. *sigh*

Off to take a nap and hopefully wake up in a better mood before Katie's school Christmas program tonight....

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