Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TG weekend

We got up and Mike and the kids pretty much took it easy most of the day. I worked on cleaning house and getting things picked up for Bible study on Sunday night.

I was really irritated though, as I was wanting to finish up the Christmas decorating, since as history has had it, if it's not up by TG weekend, we tend to not get it done. So with going to church, hearing the service put me a lot better mood. We came home and ate dinner and just took it easy for the evening, Mike and I talking and so forth.

Sunday, we got up and worked on finishing up the Christmas stuff, which was really a relief to me. We finished cleaning up the house and were sitting down to dinner when we got the call that we were needing to cancel Bible study since we had some sickies in the group. So really, it was a good thing, as I was able to chill for the evening, as I was kind of not looking forward to going to Partners for Monday and Tuesday, though I had a GREAT time after getting there. :)

We did have our first snow for the season, when we got up Sunday morning, so here is Rei in her first snow in Indiana. :)

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