Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 of counter surfing busts.

Well, so far no puking or runs, some reddish poop, but this dog must have a GI system of steel, literally!

Ok, so Meaghan didnt finish her lunch, which was a hot dog on bread- another one that Rei has made off with in the past.

So I pulled out the hot sauce, the crushed red pepper and the butter and peanut butter. first I mixed up some butter with a lot of hot sauce and mixed in some red pepper. Next I slit the hot dog down the middle and "stuffed" it with the butter concoction. Then laid it on the bread and doused it all with hot sauce til the bread was pretty good and covered. Then sprinkled some more red pepper over that. I took a small spoon full of PB and mixed in to the butter concoction to make it a little bit thicker.

I then got out a plate and put a couple of spoonfuls of PB on it, and put a big spoonfull of the butter/PB concoction on either side of that so that she has to get into that stuff to get to the PB.

I then left that plate on the stove, put the bowl with the remainder of the butter/pb concoction over to the right of the sink and then brought the hotdog plate out to the playroom and looked at her and told her sternly, NO! Leave it!

She went up to it and walked and walked and wanted it badly but left it alone after sniffing at it and then sneezing. Proabably from the crushed peppers.

She's definately thinking about it before doing it. Tonight, Mike is supposed to pick up the actual cayenne pepper and I'll probably start using the long lead I have for working with her in the yard too and going to start agressively correcting her on it. Hoping that the combination of the two- the burning sensation and the corrections will get through to her.

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