Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday

Friday morning we got up and Mike went out and cleaned the gutters one last time and mowed the yard for the last time. As he did this, the kids and I worked on picking things up in the house before we got the christamas stuff out to put up later on during the day.

We ate lunch and then put the kids down for naps. Mike and I got the Christmas stuff down out of the attic and then put all of the Halloween stuff back up for the year. Mike got the tree out and set it up and got the lights on it.

After dinner, we set up our tradition of Mike being by the tree, the kids lining up and I would hand them an ornament to take to Mike and tell him where to place it on the tree. This way I could give plastic ornaments to Alex, and more delicate ones to Katie, but all three were actively taking part in decorating the tree.

After decorating the tree, we got the kids into bed and Mike and I just took it easy for the evening. :)

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