Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today was a semi laid back day, though it was the culminating point to the kids christmas programs at the church.

We had pictures taken of the kids and Rei with Santa at 10:30. I wish I could afford all of them but we were really doing good to buy the package and couple of individual shots we did.

Kim is Mom to one of the little boys that has been on Mike's soccer team and her oldest has too until he moved up to the next age group. She took our family pictures last fall and did such an awesome job! Check out her website here and highly recommend her if you are in the central IN area and in need of pictures at a pretty reasonable price!


We got there and Meaghan immediately pulled her stubborn streak out of the bag and didn't want any part of having her pictures taken, which is pretty typical of her. With some manuevering and Mike and I moving to the sides and close to Santa holding Alex and Katie, we got her closer and closer to Santa. I then placed Rei at Santa's side and was able to get Meaghan to be ok with holding Rei's leash and hugging Rei and ultimately warming up to being in the pictures. We realized that Rei wasn't showing up hardly at all against the black background, so Kim and Mike pulled up the backdrop to a lighter colored one and got some pictures there.

After this, I moved across the room over behind Kim and after a set of shots, Rei came back over to me, and Santa was able to tickle Meaghan or something so that she started laughing and then decided to warm up to him! So Kim started snapping pictures again and got some cute ones of the kids with Santa, which turned out to be the better one of them. So I was a little bummed, I was hoping to have a really good Christmas picture with Rei in there, but we did buy a couple of individual shots of the better ones of her in the picture too.

After pictures, we came home and had lunch and then the kids and I laid down for naps. We were all needing it, thats for sure. Not sure what's up with me, but really been overly tired lately, though guessing it's the cloudy days we are seeing right now.

After we got up from naps, we packed a PB & J dinner, with applesauce, fruit snacks, and drinks to take to the church and eat dinner there. Katie was to be there at 5pm, Meaghan at 5:30, and then Alex at 5:45. So we decided to head to the church, arriving about 4:30 and eating at one of the tables in the foyer area. This worked really well, as Mike took our coats in and saved our seats on the front row and was a good thing, as it filled up really fast shortly after 5pm, even though the program didn't start until 6pm.

So I took a lot of pictures and videos, more videos since our camera really struggles with taking pictures indoors of things that are moving a little bit, there's some blurriness there. :(

Here is all three kids in front of three beautiful tall and skinny decorated christmas trees. Meaghan is standing on the left in her dress with balck velvet top and red bottom. Katie is squated down in the middle, wearing black pants with a white frilly satin top and a black velvet jacket over it. Alex is on the right wearing his suit, with black pants, white dress shirt, a greyish vest with red verticle pinstripes down the front of it, and a red tie with silver accent dots on it. They all three are so pretty and handsome!

The Toddler Program:
Alex in the center, surrounded by other little ones and looking to the right and clapping his hands to the song he's singing.

Alex looking directly at the camera, arms cradled in each other as if holding a baby as he sang Away in the Manger.

A video of the kids singing B-I-B-L-E

The Preschoolers Program:

Meaghan looking at the camera with a big smile on her face!

A video of Meaghan with the other preschoolers singing go tell it on the Mountain. I also zoomed in on Jenna, John and Karen's youngest too. :)

The natvity scene with little ones dressed up as Mary & Joseph, shepherds, wise men, animals, angels and so forth. All completely adorable!

A video of Meaghan and other little ones singing a marching song.

Meaghan surrounded by little ones, looking out into the audience.

Elementary school program:

Katie has changed into the themed red T shirt with the logo to "Mystery of the Manger" and is on the top row of the risers. She's looking straight into the camera and smiling. :)

A video of the first song of the story they did:

A snapshot of the two main characters of the story, a boy in a white shirt and tan pants and a blonde girl in a red shirt and black pants.

Katie in the upper right looking down on the story being told:

Another song and part of the story being told:

Katie in the upper center, singing and looking to the center stage:

A video of the song telling the manger story, and Katie at the microphone with a speaking part. Various people are speaking though she is the third or forth one to speak.

After the program while Mike was running Alex to the bathroom, Dad took a couple of pictures of the girls up on the stage:

Meaghan on the left, Katie on the right, standing under the decorations of the stage set for Whooville, the main sermon series this year.

And then the girls kneeling by the manger with the baby Jesus in the manger, Meaghan on the left, Katie on the right.

And Lastly, a picture of Rei laying quietly on the floor. She was a very good girl through the entire program at our feet!

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