Monday, December 22, 2008

Still alive and kicking- but been insanely running around like a chicken with it's head cut off....

Well, I'm getting emails asking if I'm ok, so figure I'd better answer to something! ;)

I had my SSDI appt on Monday the 15th and here's a quick and dirty run down of what's happened since. I promise, let me get through Christmas and I'll do a proper post to update with pictures and start giving good descriptions about the awesome guide dog I have. She's really, really been a blessing and is there for me in so many ways, even if she is a booger at home. LOL!

So here is the run down starting with Friday a week ago:

Friday- got the call that Mike's uncle had passed away.
Saturday- Cookie Baking with Sue and her mom
Sunday- Host bible study at our house- cleaned house all afternoon, prepped cookies for a spread. :)

Monday- SSDI appt at 8am
- Went to office depot for labels and such
- Lunch with Aunt Nancy & Uncle Mike (THANK YOU again for lunch!)
- Katie's Christmas program that night at the school at 7pm

Tuesday- fielded emails on SSDI appt
- did a ton of cutting out of Christmas presents I've been making for the kids of our friends and so forth.
- trip to the police department with Anne Marie with the playgroup for a tour of the police station and for the kids to meet a police officer.
- worked on printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, putting labels and stamps on of Christmas letters.

Wednesday- Family dental appointment: Myself and all three kids. No cavities! YAY!!!! First good exam of Alex and did get the news that his teeth are in there pretty tight and crowded, so we are probably going to be looking at braces when he gets older and the permanent ones come in. ehh...
- Afternoon: Katie had pioneer day at school, where the 2/3rd grade class did thier "living history museum" for the studies they'd been doing. They were in the cafeteria and presented thier journals, thier pioneer toys they made, dressed up in costume, and had thier wagons they made as well. was pretty cool to see all the stuff and after, the kids went back to the room and Meaghan, Rei and I hung out until school was out about a half hr later. Rei got a lot of loving from the kids and it was neat to watch the class room work.
- night: Mike worked on demo'ing the girls closet, tearing out the partition wall in thier closet so that he could repair the wall and do the wiring to put in lights. After kids went to bed- stayed up until almost 2am, to finish up Christmas presents to go to college friends on the north side of Indy.

Thursday- wanted to take a major nap! Double checked mailing lists/letters maild out & paid bills
- Im meeting with Laura Thomas- the IN, OH, IL, MI regional rep for Helen Keller National Center about InDBA and about a few other things too, including some info on contacts and people I need to contact to see about getting some services for myself.
- Alex went to Dad and Sue's for his turn at thier house, so Mike went up Fry's and spent quite a bit of $$$ for a couple of LARGE hard drives for our computer. An internal and an external one to be big enough for my picture taking addiction. ;) *whistling nonchalantly* We only have just over 50 GB of pictures on the harddrive... So it was a necessary thing since I've been maxing out the hard drive with each holiday/outing that takes place and we have deleted most of the "junk" that we think we can. Plus we have more soccer and other things coming up, so it was a needed thing!

Friday- Mike worked on the girls closet some more, I kept kids entertained and did a lot of sewing of the remaining Christmas presents.

Saturday- Our 11th wedding anniversary. :)
I worked on christmas presents and keeping kids entertained/out of Mike's hair as he continued to work on the wiring for the girls closet.
- went to church

Sunday- Got up way too early after staying up too late the night before- worked on finishing up the last of the Christmas presents. Mike worked on mudding and spackling the holes in the closet from removing the shelving system that had been there.
- tried to get a nap in, but kept being awoken by kids.
- supposed to Bible study at John & Karen's but since it was just the 4 of us, we took the time to enjoy some adult interaction, catch up on what was going on in our lives. We got home really late for us- kids getting to bed about 9:30 pm and Mike and I crashed.

Monday (today)- Got up with Rei- letting the girls sleep in and started to try to catch up on the 400+ emails I have in my inbox- many needing answers and promised answers.
- Ann Marie called and asked about taking the girls to the chidlren's museum, so I hurriedly printed out some stuff for another christmas present I'm making and cut out the stuff for that. Fixed lunch quickly and then got myself and the girls ready to go.
- left for the Chidlrens Museum about 1pm and left there after lots of fun, but really crowded and got home about 5:30. Kids were super tired, Rei did AWESOME through the whole thing and poor puppy was exhausted when we got home. She didnt even get up to even look at the food we sat down to eat for dinner, she was out cold on her blankie snoozing.
- So tonight, I finished cutting out pictures, wrote all the 2009 dates in Mike's calendar so he's up on whats going on, and downloaded the pictures off the camera from today.
- Lastly Im posting here to update- to show I *am* still alive. LOL! And I promise- I'll post pics and such later and talk about my beautiful girl! :)

Well, with staying up so late for so many nights now, it has caught up to me and my eyelids are getting too heavy, so I am going to sign off here for the night and will talk at you all later!


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